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You can if you have previous, successful, dance experience with other companies.

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How old do you have to be to become a professional background dancer?

First, take dance lessons! When your good enough, start dancing at places. Sign up for competitions! Also put a video of you on youtube. Then someone might want to make you a professional. Or go to dancing competitions just get in to it! That is how I became a professional singer! ;)

Where can someone find pole dancing lessons?

Since pole dancing has become a popular form of dance and exercise there are many ways to find lessons. Video lessons can be found easily online, as well as many cities have studios that are teaching classes on pole dancing.

Do singing lessons help you become a better singer?

If you are born with an excellent voice and wanted to pursue a professional career in singing then it is better to attend singing lessons for it will help you and give you advice in being a professional singer.

How do you become a better archer?

you may need a professional teacher for a few lessons, and then practice, practice, practice.

How often do you take ballroom dancing lessons?

Ballroom dancing classes usually occur one night a week for as long as you desire. This could be months or years depending upon how good you wish to become.

Do you have to go to college to be a dancer if so how long?

i want to become a professional dancer and i love dancing. i think you have to go to college for about 4-5 years. if you love dancing it will be worth it!

How do you become famous if you are 11?

it depends on what career you want to become famous in. If you want to be an actress/model or singer, start in a modelling agency or and acting agency or if you want to become a famous singer, start in a choir or get professional lessons.

How do you become a backup singer?


Who teaches golf at a golf course?

A Golf Professional teaches golf lessons. Golf professionals have different titles from Head Professional, Managing Director of Golf, Assistant Professional, and Lesson Professional. Professional Golfers are PGA (Professional Golfers Association) certified. It takes years, and a skills test to become a top level PGA Member.

How do you become a backup dancer for celebrities?

You audition. == ==

Where can I take lessons to become a pharmacy technician?

Pharmacy technician lessons are lessons for those who want to become a pharmacist technician within their lifetime since its a good job that can pay people in high cash and lessons are offered all around the world.

How do you become a backup dancer for big stars and music videos?

Lots of hard work and dedication, a good agent, real talent and a good dose of luck. It would also help to know someone in the entertainment industry. Here are more opinions and answers from others: * You have to take some dancing lessons with a professional and he or she can help you from there. It is common to dance in discotheques first. You can only become a backup dancer if you have two or more year?s experience. It also depends on the country that you live in. * I believe that to become a backup dancer, it takes hours of dedication and practice - putting in your all, both mentally and physically. I danced for years since I was 2 years old and I am now 22 and want to have the chance be in the light. Dancing is a wonderful feeling for me. * It is also important to be in the right region and dancing with the right company. L.A. and New York have great opportunities for dancers; however, New York is best for Broadway, while L.A. has more opportunities for video dancing. My best advice is to get to the right location and get into the right circles. It helps to associate yourself with people who are doing what you want to do. So do your homework and best of luck! * Any dance classes you can get in will help, but most video backup dancers are proficient in Hip-Hop. As a matter of fact, many people only study hip-hop, which I think is fine as long as you understand a little bit about your own anatomy and how your different muscle groups work. A choreographer will ask you to do things and you must make them look professional. * To find auditions, the major publication is "Backstage West". ( Yes, you may occasionally find videos in New York as well, but I believe the bulk of the industry is in the Los Angeles area.

Is ballet really hard to learn?

Ballet is easy to learn if you are good on your feet. The best way to become good at it is if you start to take lessons from a professional or private dance studio.

Where can one become a piano teacher?

One can become a piano at many places. These places include, but are not limited to, private piano lessons, in public school piano lessons, and private school piano lessons.

How do you become a professional singer?

if you are in school or college, take singing courses or performing arts courses to help you get on track. you can also take singing lessons, join theatres or talent competitons.

What additional training do you need to become an actress?

You might want to take lessons from a professional or try out for parts and see what the judges say about you. It also may be helpful too practice at home.

How did Megan Fox become famous?

by dancing and went to Hollywood and became famous for dancing!

How would i become a kid singer?

take lessons

How do you become a backup singer for rihanna?

by knowing how to dance and sing

Do you need special education to become a singer?

no unless you count voice lessons no unless you count voice lessons

Did Carrieuderwood take singing lessons?

Yes, before a singer can become know they normally have singing lessons before.

When does a gemstone become a jewel?

A gemstone will become a "jewel" when a professional cuts it and a professional polishes it. Voila!

What skills do i need to become a professional dancer?

i would suggest dance lessons from an early age on and connecting to dance schools for referrals and go to contests...also if you wish to do country/western dance, start taking line-dance and other lessons - you will meet a lot of people if nothing else.

How did Jesse Owens become famous?

by dancing

What did Annie Oakley do to become famous?