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You can not become immune to it but your body WILL build up a tolerance As the above answer indicates, "immune" is not the right word for describing this. As stated above, your brain (as opposed to other systems in your body) will develop a tolerance to it. This means, even though you keep taking the same dose, the effectiveness of Adderall will decrease. Describing it as simply as I can, what actually happens is this. Adderall increases the level of two neurotransmitters in the brain--norephinephrine and dopamine. Neurotransmitters are the substances by which neurons communicate. They are released by one neuron and then attach to a receptor on a second neuron. Generally speaking, each neurotransmitter has its own receptor to which other substances will not attach. The tolerance to Adderall is caused because the brain actually keeps creating more dopamine and noepinephrine receptor sites on the second neuron. As more receptor sites are created, more dopamine and norephinephrine is needed to attach to those sites in order to produce the same effect as before.

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After taking Adderall for years can you become immuned to it?

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Q: Can you become immune to 30 mg of xr adderall?
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