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yes. its not likely, but it's possible. ==Yes== You definitely can get pregnant like that!

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Q: Can you become pregnant if he ejaculates in the condom and pulls out afterwards but it was seeping out of the condom?
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How do you become pregnet?

A woman can become "pregnant" bye having unprotected sex or bye not knowing how too properly use a condom . During sex if a man ejaculates into the condom but doesn't use a different one afterwards then If it was too break a woman has a chance of becoming pregnant.

Can you get pregnant 2 days after your period if the guy ejaculates then the girl gets the sperm with her finger then fingers herself?

No you cannot become pregnant in this situation.

Is it possible to become pregnant if you're a virgin and the guy only inserts the head of his penis in the vagina and he ejaculates?


Can you get pregnant if a guy ejaculates inside of you during sex if your on the pill?

Yes, there is a chance you can become pregnant. No form of protection is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Is it possible to not get pregnant even if a guy ejaculates in you?

Yes, a female can only become pregnant on certain days and even then only with some luck. Being ejaculated in does not suggest that you'll necessarily become pregnant, but it is an indication that you may become pregnant. If you miss your period, get a pregnancy test.

Can you become pregnant from sperm?

Yes, that is exactly how you become pregnant; during sexual intercourse, if your partner ejaculates while inside you (not the butt). In addition, you'd have to be ovulating or close to ovulating for conception to occur.

Can you get pregnant if the man ejaculates on the outside but does not wash up and puts his penis back in?

As long as there is semen on his penis when he puts it back in you can become pregnant. yes, he may have percummed inside her.

Does rain become a gas after seeping into the Earth?


Can pregnancy be caused by rubbing genitals?

If the male ejaculates while the penis is near the vagina it would be possible but not likely for the girl to become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if a boy ejaculates and rubs the semen on his penis?

Those sperm are fiesty little swimmers. You can get pregnant by fingering if a boy has semen on his fingers or under his fingernails and then touches you near or in your vagina. You can also become pregnant if you're giving him a hand job and then you touch yourself down there afterwards. If you're fooling around this far with a boy it's probably a good idea to have some sort of birth control as a safety net. Unless of course you are trying to become pregnant.

Can a girl become pregnant if her boyfriend ejaculates outside on her stomach and then immediately cleans up?

no the sperm has to go in the vagina. who ever told you that is full of BS.

Can a girl get pregnant without using a condom?

yes, she can get pregnant, if the male ejaculates without protection there is a very very strong chamce of conception. even with a condom she can become npregnant, if the condom splits.

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