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No, there has to be an egg ovulated for the sperm to fertilize.

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Q: Can you become pregnant without ovulation?
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Can you become pregnant a week after ovulation or does it have to be at the peak of ovulation that you have to get pregnant?

You can become pregnant for 2-3 days either side of ovulation.

Can you still become pregnant 2 days after ovulation?

Yes, generally you can get pregnant up to 7 days after ovulation.

Can you become pregnant a week after ovulation?

Yes you can.

Can you still become pregnant after ovulation?


Can you become pregnant during ovulation?

Yes! Ovulation is your most fertile time, so that's when you're most likely to get pregnant.

Can you become pregnant two weeks after ovulation?


Will you ovulate if you become pregnant before ovulation?

No, you won't ovulate

Can girls get pregnant at any time?

Girls become pregnant when sperm reaches their egg during ovulation.

Is ovulation the only time you can get pregnant?

Sperm can live up to 5 days in a healthy setting (good quality cervical mucus) but without ovulation you cannot get pregnant.

Will ovulation take place when one is pregnant?

No. This is not necessary. Ovulation occurs so that an egg can become fertilized. But this process was already successful.

Can an ovulation test tell you when you are ovulating even if you are pregnant?

You stop ovulating when you become pregnant, so I would think not.

Do you have to have your period to get pregnant?

Yes, a girl has to have their period before they can get pregnant. The body has hormones and those hormones cycle every 28 days. Menstruation is what is left when an egg is not implanted in the uterus. To become pregnant, you have to have ovulation and this happens on or about day 14 of a 28 day cycle. If there is sperm present and if the conditions are right an egg is fertilized and implanted. This is when you become pregnant. Without all of this you can not become pregnant. It sounds involved but it is actually pretty simple. Technically, you don't have to menstruate to get pregnant. Menstruation is what is left over if a woman doesn't get pregnant. If a young girl was sexually active before puberty, then she very well could become pregnant without ever menstruating. It is the ovulation part that must occur for there to be pregnancy.

Is it more possible to become pregnant on a certain day during ovulation?

Ovulation is a one day thing. To get pregnant you need to have sperm inside of your body waiting for the egg or you need to have sex the day of ovulation and at the latest the day after ovulation to become pregnant. Keep in mind sperm can live 3-5 days in ideal conditions inside of the woman's body. However, once the egg is released (ovulation occurs) the egg is only able to be fertilized for upto 24-36 hours and then expires. To become pregnant your best bet is to have sex the day before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and the day after ovulation. You are, however, considered fertile up to 4-5 days before ovulation occurs...due to the fact that sperm can survive in the reproductive organs of a woman for a few days.

Can lesbians become pregnant without male sperm?

No. No person on Earth can become pregnant without sperm.

Is ovulation the only way to get pregnant?

Ovulation can not make you pregnant. Ovulation does cause a woman to be fertile at this point and she could conceive.

Can you conceive 4 days after your ovulation date?

Yes - there is a high chance that you will become pregnant then

Can you get pregnant if you have a strong ovulation pain?

Yes, you can. Ovulation pain has nothing to do with your chances of getting pregnant. Sometimes cramping around your ovary region can be a sign of ovulation. Your ovulation time is the best to try to get pregnant but the ovulation pain really does not have anything to do with it.

What is the process of the ovum being released from the ovary?

Ovulation is very important period of the menstrual cycle. Without ovulation women cannot get pregnant and without knowing very well about your ovulation, you can get pregnant unexpectedly and face a problem with unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Discover all details of ovulation in recommended related link below.

Can you get pregnant if you make love 1 day before your ovulation?

You can get pregnant any time you have sex without proper protection.

If a man ejaculated sperm in me 2 days before my ovulation can I become pregnant?

Yes you definitely could become pregnant. You would be very fertile around this time.

Can you be pregnant when Ovulation?

You can get pregnant during period of ovulation. It's the best or most fertile time to get pregnant.

When can alady get pregnant?

well if your trying to become pregnant the best thing to do is get a ovulation test and use that or u can go 14 days after the first full flow of your period its best if you have sex before and during your ovulation.

Will an ovulation test show positive if you are pregnant?

Will an ovulation test show up positive if you are pregnant?

Could you become pregnant if you haven't had a period in three months and pregnancy test saids negative?

In most cases irregular periods are anovulatory (without ovulation) but in 2-3% cases could be spontaneous ovulation. So chances for pregnancy are about 2-3%.

Can girls still get pregnant even if their ovulation hasn't occured yet?

Ovulation must occur in order for a woman to get pregnant. However sperm can life anywhere from 3 to 7 days inside the vagina. So if you ovulate during that time you can become pregnant.

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