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Can you become sick from eating moldy bread?


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Depends on the mold.

  • blue and green mold is usually safe
  • black mold is dangerous
  • white mold is usually dangerous

Yes, moldy bread has multiple toxins and other unhealthy things due to the mold growth. If you see any mold in a bread, it should be thrown out immediately.

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Yes. Eating moldy bread can make you sick. Many molds contain poisons. Some do not. Do not take the risk.

Yes, moldy rye bread contains ergot which will make you very sick, as well as hallucinate.

I think so. I will get back to it!

I just ate moldy pita by accident, was hoping you had an answer.. I will let you know at a later date.

You can't really die from eating moldy bread. However, if you eat too much of it, you can get seriously sick or ill because of the fungus( Rhizobium )

The health risks involved with eating moldy bread would depend on the type of mold involved. These risk could include the intake of certain types of toxins or poisons which can make you sick.

If the pecans have become rancid or moldy, yes - eating them could make you ill. It depends if the owner washes them regularly, also if they are moldy, i suggest you see a doctor.

If it isn't moldy bread, then yes. If it is moldy, NO. They could get very sick. If they have already eaten it, contact your vet!

Moldy bread doesn't make you sick - even if you accidently eat some of it.

Mold bread can definitely make you sick. Ingesting mold spores that grow on bread can cause cancer or upper respiratory problems.

Wiki User is wrong. Even bread that is a little moldy releases millions of spores, which means the ENTIRE LOAF might be infected with mold, even though you cant see it.

if you eat to many of it you will be sick

yes you can die if you eat mold it is harmful to your body and once you eat mold or touch it you could get sick or die from eating eat so yes it is possible you can die from eating moldy bread

No, If you were to eat a moldy nut you would probably become extremely sick.

Yes, this can happen. Indeed it can. And look at it tthis way: On the one hand you get Really sick. On the other you get a moldy taco? When in doubt throw it out! :}

Eating a moldy hot dog bun can cause someone to have stomach upsets. Mold is not good for the digestive system.

Most moldy bread will harm people that eat it. Some mold will not make you sick. Some mold will make you sick. Some mold will make you extremely sick. Unless you know the particular type of mold will not make you sick or kill you, you should not eat it.

Maybe a little indigestion, but mold is present in penicillin.

Don't eat moldy foods, unless it is Bleu Cheese. Don't stick beans up your nose either. ;-))

Not really anything.. Unless it's moldy or smells bad .. You will probably get sick

No, as the mould contains mycotoxins which at best will make the pig sick, at worst will kill them.

Possibly. It's never a good idea to eat food that has spoiled.

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