Can you become thin even if being fat is hereditary?

It's very hard, but yes. Try exercising a lot - it will help. Talk to a doctor. Yes, you can lose most of the weight if you really want too. Look at your family, what they eat, how often they eat, if they are depressed, if they are active or not and if they exercise at all. If there are one or more of these traits in your family then you have been brought up with the same habits. If you really want to get serious you can join a gym and also have them give you a diet to stick with. I do resistant training to keep toned up and I have to lose 20 lbs. and be a good girl, and I back on Weight Watchers and I stick to it like glue and work-out 3 times a week at the gym and also walk my dogs every day. You can do it! Good luck!

You cannot store fat if you don't give your body anything extra to store.

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