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Can you become thin even if being fat is hereditary?

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It's very hard, but yes. Try exercising a lot - it will help. Talk to a doctor. Yes, you can lose most of the weight if you really want too. Look at your family, what they eat, how often they eat, if they are depressed, if they are active or not and if they exercise at all. If there are one or more of these traits in your family then you have been brought up with the same habits. If you really want to get serious you can join a gym and also have them give you a diet to stick with. I do resistant training to keep toned up and I have to lose 20 lbs. and be a good girl, and I back on Weight Watchers and I stick to it like glue and work-out 3 times a week at the gym and also walk my dogs every day. You can do it! Good luck!

You cannot store fat if you don't give your body anything extra to store.

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Can you get thin legs even though fat legs are hereditary and how?

Yes, you would just have to work more for it. Tone your legs with running, stair stepping, or even walking. Actually, a person's legs are easier to tone and thin because a person does the most exercise with their legs (walking, even standing).

What is it called when people see themselves as too fat even when they are extremely thin?

Pocrescophobia, also known as Obesophobis, is the fear of being fat. It is a condition wherein people see themselves as too fat even when they are extremely thin.

Do you become thin when you get typhoid?


Will the ozone layer become thin faster?

It will yes. But if we stop using CFC, it will not thin.

How do you become thin in 20 days?

In 20 days you can't become thin but can become fit, have less calories food do regular exercise have hot water with honey in empty stomach.

How do you become smart and thin?

Excercise and diet

Why has my seventeen year old cat has become very thin even though he eats well?

You should take it to a PROFFESIONAL vet. It could be a diesease.

Are high or low temperatures thin?

Temperatures cannot be described as being thin.

Can you become anorexic but you dont want to be thin just have every other symptop except desire to be thin?

No! Anorexic thin can LITERALLY kill you!

How to cure a thin endometrium?

how to cure a thin endometrium; is there any possibilities to become thick? ask a doctor..

Why is it good being thin?

its good being fit , fine and healthy . whether you are thin or chubby within proper bmi and weight limits

Does being ill affect your hair?

If the illnesses causes you to become malnourished, then it will affect you hair. Malnourished hair becomes very thin and hair loss is apparent.

Can aspirin and paracetamol be taken together?

Don't even try it. Your blood will become so thin, it will stop coagulating and also you might end up with a heart attack.

The condition of being abnormally thin is?


Your mother says you are thin and her parents are coming over should you stay thin or gain?

You should just be your normal self. If your naturally thin then stay the way you are. You dont have to change yourself for someone else. If you like being thin then stay thin. Nothing is wrong with being thin. Dont lose or gain weight for anyone but yourself an your own desiers.

Does drinking alcohol thin the blood?

Yes. Alcohol, even when consumed in moderate amounts, will thin the blood.

Is Justin Bieber thin?

very! it must be because his tour, its a work-out even being there, trust me ive been 2 times! but he sure has muscles!yes

Why has the ice become thin and hollow?

Because of global warming

How do you become thin when eating junkfood?

you just have a fast metabolism

Why does advertising cause anorexia?

Some people believe that the media (advertising, commercials, tv, magazines, music, ect.) can cause people, especially teenage girls, to become anorexic because it promotes "thin is good". Many models look beautiful, and almost every ad out there is photo touched to make it look perfect. If someone tries to emulate this, and tries to become "perfect", then they might become anorexic to try and become thin and do what they think will make them "more beautiful and perfect". Often, media and advertising tends to promote being thin.

What does so thin she doesn't cast a shadow mean?

I'll bet if you think about this, you can figure it out. This comparison is trying to show how thin someone is. How thin would you have to be if you didn't even have a shadow? Pretty thin.

Why is DDT harmful to osprey?

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is a pesticide that proved very harmful to the environment. It entered the food chain and even affected humans. It caused bird eggs to become thin shelled and brittle, with many eggs being crushed when the parent bird tried to sit on them in the nest.

What does the word thin mean?

1.Being smaller in body weight. Or thin like a piece of paper.

How a thin person become a fatty person in 2 months?

eat lots of meat to become fat

Does AIDS caused by Malnutrition?

AIDS is not caused by malnutrition, it is caused by a virus, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It sometimes resembles malnutrition because people with AIDS often become very thin, as a side effect of the disease (it is even known in Africa as the thin disease).

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