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Can you boil the salt out of ocean water?

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Yes, but in some sense you boil the water out of the salt!

By boiling the water, the water turns to steam and rising, but the salt does not, and so it stays behind. If you have a way to collect the steam and turn it back into water, you will have pure water! This is called distillation.

You can do the same thing just using evaporation. If you have water that is evaporating, but put a cool object nearby where the water can recondense, and then you collect the condensed water, the collected water will have no salt in it.

They even sell solar stills to do this. See the Web Link to left for more about this.

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How do you make salt from ocean water?

Boil a lot of sea water.

Will salt water boil or will regular water boil?

salt water will boil. also will freshwaer

Does salt acctuly help water boil?

No it actually makes it boil more slowly.

How do you convert salt water into drinking water?

You can not boil salt water to take out the salt.If you boil it you would have to catch the steam somehow. or by evaporation.

Which boil fast water with sugar or water with salt?

Salt water.

Why does salt water boil faster?

When adding salt to water it will boil faster. This occurs because the presence of salt in the water increased the boiling point.

Why does water boils faster when salt is added to it?

Salt does not make water boil faster. It makes it boil slower.

Is the Indian ocean a salt water ocean?

Every ocean is a salt water ocean

What temperature does it have to be to boil water with salt added?

That depends on the volume of salt and the volume of water. The more salt dissolved into the water the higher the temperature needed to bring it to a boil

How do you boil salt out of water?

You can boil water out of salt b/c water has a lower boiling point than salt...but I don't think the other way is possible.

Does drinking water boil at a lower temperature than salt water?

Yes, drinking water does boil at a lower temperature than salt water.

How do you separate salt from a salt and water solution?

You boil the salt water so the water evaporates, leaving salt.

What will you get if you boil salt water?

If you boil it, the water will evaporate. If you leave it boiling long enough, you should only have salt left.

Does adding salt to water cause it to boil at a higher temperature?

No, it will lower the Boiling Temperature of Water. Try this test, bring a pot of water to a slow boil, and sprinkle some salt into the pot. The water will boil "harder" where the salt hits the water.

What in salt makes water boil faster?

That is a myth. Adding salt to water will require it to reach a higher temperature in order to boil, so it actually takes longer for the water to boil.

What liquid is boiled out of sea water consisting of two elements?

When you boil salt water/ ocean (sea) water the water (H2O hydrogen and oxygen) evaporates. The salt (NaCl sodium and cloride) is left behind.

Is the Atlantic ocean salt water or fresh water?

The Atlantic Ocean is salt water.

Which will boil fastest salt water sugar water or plain water?

salt........... plain

How do you get water from salt water?

you boil the water,so the water evaporates and the salt is left behind

Is it O2 or CO2 that released when you boil a salt solution?

Neither, but water vapor, is released if you boil a salt solution(in which water is solvent).

What would a diagram look like for the question Does salt water boil faster than plain water?

yes salt water does boil faster

Why add salt in water?

salt helps to bring the water to the boil faster.

How can you separate salt from the solution in water?

Boil away the water and the salt will be left.

How did you separate salt from water?

just boil the water and the salt remains at the back

Can you separate water and salt?

Yes, take salt water and boil it, you will be left with only salt.