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Can you break an apartment lease immediately in Florida if your employer relocates you?

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If you have an understanding landlord (usually regulated by larger companies) then you may get lucky. It is more than likely that you will have to give your notice and pay (or have your company pay) rent until the landlord can find other tenants. Most companies realize they are relocating you at a last minutes notice so discuss it with your boss and see if the company will pick up the tab.

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Yes. The employer purchases worker's compensation coverage by paying the policy premium agreed upon by the employer and whichever company the employer chooses. Sometimes the company is predetermined based on the payroll company. In any event, it is the employer's obligation to report the accident to their carrier. The policy will be specific as to the time to report, but immediately is preferred. In Florida, the time frame in which an employer must report depends on the severity of the injury. See Fla. Stat. 440.185,

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Employer has under paid me for two pay periods what to do

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