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That depends on the wording of the lease.

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Q: Can you break an apartment lease legally if you are being re-located due to a job?
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Can you break an apartment lease legally if you have allergy to the trees that surround it?

No. The problem was not caused by the landlord.

Can you break your lease if your apartment is infected with mice?

Of course not. There is no such rule legally(in India) but you can ask the owner to do something about these mice.

Can you break your lease if they break into your apartment?

If your landlord breaks into your apartment or enters it without notifying you, this is grounds to break a lease. You can't break a lease just because there was a break in, however. Landlords are not even legally required to tell you if you are moving into a high crime area. If you can prove this is an ongoing and pervasive problem , it may be grounds to break your lease. Get real documentation, not just hearsay.Police reports and other victims or witnesses.

Can teachers break your phone?

No, not legally.

Can you break a lease if suicide was committed at the apartment complex?


Can you break an apartment lease in Louisiana if you are purchasing a home?


Can you break an apartment lease legally if you are getting a divorce?

Depends on the lease usually the answer is no, both parties are still legally obligated to the terms of the lease, so do not let your partner take their name off of the lease.AnswerContact your apartment management and see what terms they have available for you. The first answer may be that you cannot do this without paying out the remainder of the lease, but persist in taking this up to the owner, particularly if you cannot afford this on one income.

How can you legally break an apartment lease in Ohio if your building has been consistly burglarized?

Go find out at the office who you need to sue. Sue the complex for damages and poor security. They will love to let you leave then with out penalty. Call CNN for help also.

Can you break your lease if your apartment was broken into twice?

Not unless you can prove that there is A pattern of break ins that existed before you moved in, and you had no knowledge of it.

if you work ten hours a day are you legally entitled to a break?


Can a pet break a leg in sims 2?

Are you playing Sims 2 apartment life? If so, then no it is not possible for a Sim animal to break a leg.

Can you break an apartment lease when buying a home in minnesota?

Yes, but you'll owe any penalty.

In the workplace how long legally can you sit at a computer without being allowed a break I only work a 4 hour shift but no breaks are allowed so it's 4 hours straight at a computer?

that's legal. at my job you get a break every 4 hours

Can you break a lease on an apartment if you cannot afford the rent?

You can, but you'll owe them for each month until they rent it.

What do you use the truck for on shrink ray island?

You can use the truck to break the window and get out of the apartment and to drive on the road.

Can you break your lease if your landlord is not cooperating?

if the landlord is not abiding by the lease you can take it to the county municipal office and legally break the lease as of the fee's i do not know

Can a repo man break an automatic garage door opener to repossess a car?


Are they allowed to repossess a car from a closed garage in an apartment building in California?

IF they did not break into the garage(ie; someone let them in)

Can you break your current apartment lease if you get fired from your job?

No. You job has nothing to do with your landlord. They might agree to let you out, though.

Will an apartment unit next to a break tank be noisy?

You'd have to tell us what a 'breaktank' is. -I've never heard of that.

Can a tenant rent out their apartment?

That's called subleasing, and it's frowned upon by the landlord, whose intentions in renting out the apartment is that he rents it to his lawful tenants, not to sub-tenants. You can be evicted if you break this rule on the lease.

Is it possible to break an apartment lease if I have no proof that my apartment gets noxious odors possibly meth?

Unless you can prove that there is meth, and that your landlord is cooking it, you have little basis for terminating your lease. You need to call the police.

My lanlord let me break my lease because someone tried to break in while i was home can i get my deposit back?

YES, as long as the house or apartment is left in the same condition as it was when you moved in.

Can you break your apartment lease to buy a house in the state of Indiana?

Im pretty sure you can in every state! But you have to pay a fee. For example, in Colorado if you break a lease, it is at least $200.

Is it illegal to break a law?

Yes, it is. Any law, no matter how just or unjust, is held to be legally enforceable. To break one, even for good reasons, is illegal.