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Not everyone bleeds when their hymen gets broken.

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Q: Can you break your hymen with out bleeding?
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Will you bleed if you break your hymen?

Your hymen does not break - it can wear away, stretch or tear. Bleeding can occur if the hymen is torn but not always, it varies from person to person.

How hymen broke?

The hymen can break usually through sexual intercourse for the first time. There would be some slight bleeding after it has broken.

Can your hymen break if you fall and bang in between your legs?

You could break it by banging imbetween your legs. You can break it from horseback riding if you moved the right way.if there is any pain and small amounts of bleeding,then you probably broke your hymen.

What are the exercises to break the hymen?

There are no exercises to break the hymen. The hymen cannot be broken but can be torn if penetration is rough or forced, simply exercising is not going to tear the hymen.

Is the Hymen disappearing?

The hymen does not disappear , it can only break.

How can your hymen break?

The hymen can break through many activities other than sexual intercourse. Horseback riding has been known to cause the hymen to break, as well as other physically involved sports, etc.Anything entering your vaginal opening can break your hymen. Everyone is different. Some people's hymen can break by inserting very little things, even a Q-tip. Some people's hymen dont even break until they have a vaginal birth. Some peoples hymen tear little by little in every sexual expierence until its complete. When it does break most people say you can feel it (i didnt) but the sure fire way to know is bleeding afterwards. I bled a lot. I had to wear a pad for 3 days. Other girls just have a bit of bleeding and others have none at all. Some say that for the few days after you have a burning sensation when you pee, but that didnt happen to me.

But your wife never came with such as riding a horse rough play falling on something?

Then perhaps her hymen is just stretched. Quote from the Related Link: "...your hymen can be broken in any sort of ways - riding a bike, horseback riding, gymnastics, masturbation, during a pelvic exam at the doctor's office. You could break your hymen with a tampon, yes, but you could break in all sorts of non-sexual ways. A sign of this could be bleeding, but women have also had their hymen broken without any bleeding or pain. So, having an intact hymen is not the definition of being a virgin."

What kind of medical test will prove that a women is virgin?

You can't. If a doctor complies with a test to check if your hymen is intact, you can press charges. A tampon can break your hymen, a vibrator can break your hymen. A hard fall on the ground can break your hymen.

Can outer course break hymen?

No, outercourse cannot break the hymen - the hymen also doesn't 'break'. The hymen can be torn but only as a result of vaginal penetration, and often it will only tear if penetration is rough or forced in some way.

Can your hymen break twice?

NO once its broken its gone no more at all of you hymen is left so it is kind of impossible to break your hymen twice mickey527

Can sports break hymen?


Does popping a cherry make you bleed?

Tearing the intact hymen usually results in bleeding. As you have worded this question, the answer is "No" because the person tearing the hymen usually does not bleed. The one whose hymen is torn is the one who does the bleeding.

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