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It all depends on the landlord. If you are buying the house from your landlord, it wouldn't be an issue. If you are moving to another house and leaving the landlord to find another tenant, it may not be okay with him. Some landlords are cool about it and will let you out of the lease, others will make you pay and could take you to court (they would win). The best thing to do is ask if you can pay for advertising to find a new tenant and be as helpful as you can to get a new person to rent that place.

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Q: Can you break your lease if you buy a house?
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Can you break your lease if you buy a house in AZ?

i dont know call your realestate agent!

Can you break your apartment lease to buy a house in the state of Indiana?

Im pretty sure you can in every state! But you have to pay a fee. For example, in Colorado if you break a lease, it is at least $200.

Break lease when buying house in Virginia?

Can you break a lease when renting within 24 hours in virginia

How do you resign from a legal contract on a house?

That will be specified in the contract. If it is a lease, you may break the lease if the house is not livable, or by following the terms in the lease.

Can you break a lease in California if you buy a home?

A lease is a contract. You have committed to it for the term of the lease. Buying a house doesn't excuse you from this contract. Try talking to your landlord and see if they will agree to an early termination.

Can you Sell a house under a lease?

The owner can sell a house under a lease, but the buyer must either honor the terms of the lease or make an offer to get the tenant to break the lease.

Can you break a lease due to scorpions?

The House we are renting has scorpions all over it. what to do about breaking the lease

What is a leased to own a home?

"Lease to own", Is when you lease a house with the intention to buy it for a discounted price after the lease is over.

Is it wise to rent a house vs buy a house?

Buy a house because house-selling is very low around this time and when your lease is up and you cannot find a house, what do you do?

What are landlords obligations to renter if he breaks lease because he is in foreclosure in the house he live in and wants to move back into rental?

He can't break the lease.

Can HUD break a lease?

They can TERMINATE a lease, if the lessee is in violation of the lease.

Can you break a lease after signing it?

Only as specified in the lease. A lease is meant to protect both you and the landlord, and is meant to be difficult to break.

Can the renter cancel the home lease contract after sign the lease contract for lease the house?

Yes it is possibly to break the contract however you will most likely have to pay a penalty fee for breaking the contract.

Can you break an apartment lease when buying a house in the state of Florida?

Breaking a lease is, breaking a lease regardless of reason. Buying a home has nothing to do with renting the one you are in now. And if you do break a lease, according to your lease terms, your landlord could sue you for loss of revenue during the time the rental home is vacant and up to the time your lease would normally expire. There are certain exceptions to the rule of breaking a lease, but buying a home is not one of them.

You want to break your lease but your roommate won't sign off on it?

My roommate will not agree for me to break the lease. She has insulted me doesn't pay bills on time and is emotionally draining on me. I want to break the lease but she will not let me break it what can i do?

Tax break for buy a new house?

after you buy a house how long do have to report a problem with the house and is the seller liable for the damage

Can you break your lease if your landlord is not cooperating?

if the landlord is not abiding by the lease you can take it to the county municipal office and legally break the lease as of the fee's i do not know

If you have a lease on a house but your mother is sick in another state and you need to move back to take care of her can you break the lease and get your deposit back?

No. You mother's illness is not your landlord's fault.

Can you break the lease to move into property?

If by that you mean can you break your lease to move into another property... you have to give a certain amount of time notice that you are moving. And if you do break the lease you may still have to pay rent for that place for the rest of the length of the lease.

Landlord says house in foreclosure I want to break lease and move Can I?

The foreclosure sale will function to terminate the lease. However, until the foreclosure sale takes place, the owner is still the owner, and the lease remains in effect.

If you lease a house can you lease it out to another?

You can sublet only if lease allows.

Dealership closed I still have a lease does that break the lease?

No. the lease was probably backed by a bank or by the automaker.

How much do you put down on a lease to buy a home?

A lease does not buy a home.

Can a landlord break a rental lease because you paid your rent late?

If you paid your rent late, he didn't break the lease - you did. He can now move to terminate the lease.

Can you break a lease if you were only there for 1 month and you have signed a yearly lease?