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Breasts usually get sore when you are pregnant and not when you are having your regular periods.

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2009-07-09 06:41:13
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Q: Can you breast still be sore while on your period?
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What if your period had just past but you still have sore nipples?

you need a fine breast massage ma'am....

Why are your breast sore a week after your period?


Is it possible to be pregnant but your breast arent sore?

yes, your breast maay never get sore while you are pregnant

What can cause Sore breast and mild cramping?

pregnancy or time for your period....

If you have brown discharge every time a week before your period and this time you period is late with tingling niples breast so sore you don't want to touc them but still have cramps could you be pre?

If you are still having a period, you are not pregnant.

Why are your breast sore enlarged and itchy?

why are my breast sore and itchy

Why are your breasts still sore and you are on your period?

Breast tenderness is a common menstrual symptom. If you are not using birth control, take a pregnancy test, as it is also a symptom of pregnancy.

Can your breast be sore after your period?

Yes, it is part of the period. Some experience this before the period and this is PMS and others after. Some have it both before and after. I often did.

Never had sore breast before after misscagie now every period i have i get sore breats?

I've always had sore breasts right before my period and I'm only 19, this has being happening since I started mine.

As a symptom of pregnancy your breast get sore exactly where does it hurts?

Mine personally were sore all over the place, just like before my period. My nipples were also sore, and hot once in a while. My friend said it felt like her nipples were being sting by bee's.

What are the symptoms of pregancy?

sore breast,bloating,nausea,missed period,spotting(you think its a period but its not,also a early sign of miscarige.)

What do sore breasts mean?

Sore breasts could mean that you are pregnant, but it could mean other things, including your period approaching, or breast disease.

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