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Nipple piercings may interfere with your ability to breastfeed. But you should be able to breastfeed as long as you remove your jewelry.

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My best friend had both of her nipples pierced and she was able to breastfeed just fine.

Ducks do not have nipples, therefore they cannot breastfeed. I <3 duckies

Most women can still breastfeed with their nipples pierced but it is definitely not recommended. Breastfeeding can already be painful and your baby may latch onto the piercing and pull it. You definitely wouldn't want a small child swallowing any of the small parts from your jewelry either.

no if you do eat sushi after getting your nipples pierced you will probably like it

Women use their nipples to breast feed their babies.

There is no way unless they get bigger when you are pregnant or breastfeed.

Yes they do, and female gorillas breastfeed their babies.

That they want both of them pierced.....

Yes. The mother should take it off for the child's sake. She should sacrifice little things like that if she really wanna breast feed her baby. And please do.

at the nipple pierceing station

Christina Aguilera has a pierced right nipple, in which she wears a barbell.

No. Snakes are reptiles, and only mammals breastfeed.Snakes don't breastfeed as they're reptiles. Breastfeeding is a process only used by mammals. This is the reason why one's nipples are called mammary glands!

Bones Season 6 Episode 4. 3/4 way through the episode, in the white sun dress, I would say Tamara has pierced nipples. ;)

Yes there are many nerve endings located there.


No, nipples can be large without ever having a baby. In fact, the nipple size of a woman is not impacted by whether or not she has given birth.

YES, a cat doesn't grow 6 nipples just because it want to fill out 3 bras.

If it is pierced it is probably a small infection, if it isn't pierced go to a clinic and get some anti-biotics.

Because it hurts and his balls havent dropped yet

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