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Can you breathe through your eyes?


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May 26, 2012 1:02AM

The corneas, the clear outer coverings through which light passes to the rest of the eye, have no blood vessels and get their oxygen directly from the atmosphere. In this sense, you "breathe" through your eyes. However, the amount of oxygen gotten this way can't keep much more than the corneas of the eye alive.

The inside corner of each eye also has a small tube running to the nose to drain excess tear fluid from the eyes. When you cry, the tear production is enough to overwhelm the drainage capacity of these small tubes and the tears overflow onto your cheeks. You must also often blow your nose to get rid of the excess fluid that does drain. You can also blow a small amount of air out the corners of your eyes through these tubes but you can't inhale through them.

  • 4 years ago you are wrong you can breath through your eyes only at sertain time and breathing through your eyes is only used in amertainsys and your cornias srivle up and go dry