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Can you breed a latios and latias?

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If you mean by telling which one is latias and latios, latios is the blue streak Pokemon and latias is the red streak Pokemon. COME ON THATS ONE OF THE EASIET THINGS(unless you watch the Pokemon movie that includes latias and latios).

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What happens if you breed latios and latias?

It's impossible to breed latios and latias.

Can you breed latias with latios in Pokemon soulsilver?

No, neither Latias nor Latios are breedable.

Can you breed latias with a Ditto to get an egg on heartgold?

Neither Latias nor Latios can breed at all.

Can you breed latios?

You cannot breed latios its the 2nd legendary with a gender the other is latias but it still can't breed.

Can Latios and Latias have an egg?

No. In spite of the fact that they have genders, Latios and Latias cannot breed, as is the case with most Legendary Pokémon. Or at least, they can't breed in the games.

What will you do to hatch a egg in latios and latias in sapphire version?

You cannot breed latios or latias even if they have genders they are legendary Pokemon so you cannot breed them ever.

Can you breed latios and latias?

Yes,you can, but,you can ALSO breed latias w/ a ditto! First legendaries with a gender! Yeah! ^w^ Pikachu

How many people think that you can breed latios and latios and how many people think that you cant breed latios or latios?

to many to count dude but u can do it al u need is a ditto and either latias or latios

Can you bread latios and latias?

no they can not breed because since they are legendary Pokemon and have no gender you cant breed them.

What are good nicknames for Latias and Latios?

Latias and Latios

Is it possible to breed legends on Pokemon emerald?

yes...latias & latios but no others

What happens if you put latios and latias in the daycare?

Nothing, since none of them can breed.

Can a latios mate with a ditto?

sadly no.also FYI: latias and latios cant breed. not unless you use an AR code.

What Pokemon would be produced if Latias and Latios had an egg?

AnswerAlthough Latias and Latios are legendary Pokemon who cannot breed, if they were to produce an egg, it would most likely be another Latias or Latios. Though, if we consider Manaphy - who is the only legendary which can breed - perhaps Latias and Latios would produce a new Pokemon. Perhaps this new Pokemon would have the same types as the two parent Pokemon and some of their abilities but be unable to evolve into a Latias or Latios; existing as a sort of demi-legendary.If I had to speculate a name, it could be Latius since 'u' seems to be a neutral letter in place of 'a' or 'o' which denote female and male in Latias and Latios respectively.

How do you breed the Pokemon Latios and Latias in Pokemon Emerald?

Latias and Latios can't be breeded in any Pokémon game. Like other legendaries, Latias and Latios can't breed because it would make the game less harder for players. The only Legendary Pokémon that can be breeded is Manaphy which is only available in Pokemon Ranger or in Generation IV.

Who is better latias or latios?


How do you catch latias and latios in diamond?

you need latias and latios from gba or migrate

Who is stronger latias or latios?

my opinion is latios because he is older than latias

Will someone trade me a latios for a latias as i have a latias but i want a latios?

if they want to yes

Where is latios and latias red rescue?

Latios is in the Northern Range and Latias is in Pitfall Valley.

Which Pokemon is stronger latios or latias?

latios is stronger offensively, and latias is stronger defensively.

Do they have a secound movie of Pokemon latios and latias?

No, there is no 2nd movie that features Latias and Latios.

Can you breed Latos in Pokemon pearl?

No. None of the legendaries, including latios and latias, can breed in any game third generation or beyond.

Can you breed latias?

No. She is legendary. But you can get her male counterpart, Latios, in Ruby and Emerald by selecting the "Blue" color on the Telly. ~ Kirara-Latias. Demons over Humanity.

Is Latios and Latias brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend?

Latios and Latias is brother and sister Latias is the sister Latios is the brother if u seen the movie they share the same father