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You can breed a long hair male hamster with a short hair female hamster because it doesn't matter the length. The only thing that matters is the breed and the age,


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that will proberly be a Syrian Hamster or the Golden Hamster.

The species of short hair hamsters are the siberian, the djungarian, the robvorosky's, the chinese, the Russian, and the syrian.

No, the American short hair cat breed is not an aggressive breed.

If you have a short haired hamster you wouldn't have to deal with knots in the hair, a long haired hamster has long hair that you would have to brush everyday. I have a hamster with extremely long hair and i brush everyday. That what keeps knots out of the hair. It also makes it soft. DO NOT CUT ITS HAIR, unless it is used to your hand and will stay very still. If you have a short haired hamster you don't have to brush it as much. Use a soft tipped toothbrush when brushing the fur.

Domestic short hair male. Unless it is a longhair... or female. Male red tabbies outnumber females 3 to 1, but female red tabbies are not impossible.

Yes, one just has longer hair, but are the same breed.

My dog is a short haired dog he is a breed called a havanese. This dog breed is from Cuba. Hope this helped!

That depends on the parents. They can be a cross between the long and short hair. They can just be the short hair. They can be the long hair. It will just be a surprise there is no way to predict it.

Russian hamster,Chinese Dwarf hamster and that's all.You can find Chinese dwarf,Russian,bear,short hair,and the syrian hamsters at eather Pet Smart or That Fish Place That Pet Place.

i think it is a Japanese bobtail cat

They are a grey type of cat breed, they have short hair and normal sized for a cat breed

Female Syrians, if the hair is short enough, will have noticeable nipples. There are two rows of nipples that run parallel on either side of the belly. Female Dwarves also have nipples, but they are typically much smaller and much harder to see.The easiest way to tell if your hamster is a male or female is to look at the distance between the two openings at the rear. This is the same with all hamsters, male or female.

People has agreed that Garfiled is an American Short Hair.

a fancy black bear hamster is a calm hamster that great as petz. i have one and he adorable! they a black and and have short cut hair. they are great to have as pets

well i got mine at petsmart but i have been to petco so........ abot five dollars depending on the breed. it could be short hair or a dwarf hamster. short hairs live longer. TMI i know ( to much info )

a Australian Shepard (short hair) No, that was Maisie... what breed is delinquent dog?

It all depends on the genetics in the hamster's parents. It one of the parents are long hair, and one hamster is short hair, the babies could be either long hair or short hair, depending on what the parent's genetics of the male are. If one of the grandparents were long hair, and the other short hair, then there is a equal possibility of both long hair, and short hair.

Syrian Hamsters have pouches, it does not matter how long their fur is.

A Domestic Short Hair. This is a breed of cat.

He is an American Short Hair or a Tabby.

The best is known to be the American short hair.

By short hair hamster I assume you mean syrian. Syrians can only be kept alone. In pairs they will fight to the death. At pet stores you see them together because they are young. As they get older and establish territory they will fight.

they can be in hamster labor from 1/2 hour till around 3 hours thats vagly

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