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Can you breed giratina?


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no it is legendary. but in Pokemon heart gold or soul silver you get a giratina or palkia or dialga egg by going with arceus to the alph ruins

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No, Giratina can't breed with anything.

No, you can't. Giratina is a legendary.

You can't breed giritina. If it is a legendary, then it can't lay an egg.

thats what i wnt to know rotom and manphy can when you breed manphy a phione haches

Yes u can breed it with other legendaries that have one of the same types giratina has

No a Pokemon could only breed when you put ditto with another Pokemon and when you talk to the old man it says They Are Getting Along with each otherNo a Giratina will not breed with anything, but what the person above said is completely untrue. Dittos can breed with anything that isn't in the no egg category. Search at Bulbapedia.Bulbagarden.net

Giratina is a legendary Pokemon and legendary Pokemon can never breed, so no, it can't. (Unless you have something to hack your games.)

No, Giratina has no Gender so if you leave it at the daycare place with ditto there will be no egg.

Have you ever tried to breed a Magnemite? It doesn't work right? That's because Magnemite is a genderless Pokemon. As are most Legendaries. Such is the case of Giratina. Look at it this way, would it be intelligent of Nintendo to have it possible to breed what is essentially a diety that controls the passage between Dimensions as well as the parallel universe of the Distortion World? No, no it wouldn't. And THAT is the answer to your question, have fun with that.

You can't giratina in pearl, you can only get giratina in Platinum,

Giratina was created in 2006.

you can go to bulbapedia.com and search giratina. They have the clearest pictures there. You can then copy-draw the giratina.

you can find change giratina 1 way or you can find giratina the first way to change giratina is to transfer it to platinum the first way to find giratina is to go to the pillar and it will appear

no you have to trade with platinum with giratina and origin stone then in your pokedex you will have another form of giratina

Giratina is a Pokemon from the Game:Pokemon, or in Japan, Pocket Monsters. It is the only Pokemon that lives in the Reverse World. Giratina signature move is Shadow Force. Giratina is a Legendary Pokemon.

You find giratina in diisttorction world

Giratina is a Dragon/Ghost Type.

Giratina created the revere world which is where it lives

you cannot get giratina in pokemon white or black

yes, giratina can learn fly

Giratina is a Ghost and Dragon type Pokemon

giratina because hes got higher hp and my giratina when he uses shadow force when some thing i supposed to hit it giratina avoides the attack and bugers them up so yaa definitely giratina. :)

Giratina does not have a sky forme, but shaymin does. Giratina has an orgin forme. P.S. in this case, form is spelled with an e.

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