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Disney no longer prohibits guests from bringing their own food to the parks, as long as it does not require heating. You may not bring large coolers, hard-sided coolers, glass containers, or Alcoholic Beverages. Be aware that all bags are checked before you enter any Disney theme park.


Technically you�re not allowed to bring food into the parks, but many, many backpacks or diaper bags actually contain picnic lunches, and the security guards seldom enforce the rule. They will inspect each bag (for security reasons), but I�ve taken huge picnics many times, without a hitch. Lockers are available near the gates, so you don�t have to �tote� your food all day. Bring frozen juice boxes or purchase drinks.

I also like to pack healthy snacks like fruit and granola bars, raisins and Cheerios. For mid-afternoon, we bring peanut butter Sandwiches for everyone.

Following this plan you can still afford an occasional splurge like ice cream at the park, because you�re saving so much money.

Regardless of your budget, bring a water bottle for each person. Fill them at the plentiful water fountains, and you will be the envy of everyone standing in line on a hot day! Bottled water is readily available, but it�s overpriced.

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Q: Can you bring a picnic lunch into Walt Disney World?
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