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Can you bring food on a plane?

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Yes, you can bring food on a plane and you don't have to buy it when you get through security you can just bring it with you!

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Can you bring frozen food on a plane?


Can you bring alcohol on a plane and drink it?

no. you cant take food or drinks on a plane. if you want something then you have to get in the plane and ask them for it.

Can you bring crackers on the plane?

actually you can the only thing you can bring on the plane is food solids the only thing you cant bring on the plane is liquids like yogurt, water,juices and anything that consider liquid.

Are you allowed to bring food or powdered drinks on a plane?


Can you bring fruit on a plane?

Well, in the literal terms, you can physically bring fruit on a plane. But the real question is 'Can you bring fruit on a plane, and is it legal?' Well, that depends. If you buy fruit AFTER you have been checked, then yes you can legally bring fruit on a plane. Also, you can bring unpeeled fruit from "home" on the plane, but the already peeled or eaten food has to be wrapped.

Can you bring food on a checked luggage bag on a plane?

no, not if its in a packed bag. When you go through customs you can purchase food and take it on the plane.

Can you bring a cake on a plane?

There is no reason why you can't. When i last went on a plane i brought a whole bunch of food and iu ate it on the plane

Can you bring food from home on American airlines?

You can bring your own food on a plane, however, you may not be able to get it through security! You are safer to buy food at the airport once you are past security.

Can you bring books on an airplane?

Yes. You just can't bring food and drinks on the plane. Either one. I'm not an expert.

Can you bring candy on a plane carry on?

Yes, you can bring candy on a plane

Can you bring tweezers on plane?

Yes, you can now bring your tweezers on the plane

How many bags can you bring on the plane?

You can bring 3 or less bags on a plane. You can also bring 2 or less carry-on's on a plane.

Can you bring food on plane?

Yeah! i have before Often only if purchased after the TSA security checkpoints.

Can ya bring your own food and drink on a plane?

no the flight workers have food for u,but it is usually a granola bar and something to drink.

Can you bring food into Dominican Republic?

Yes, eat it and go on the plane. Make sure NOT to go to the washroom.

What can you bring on plane?

small luggage, pencils, paper, blankets (small) and some food are some suggestions.

Can you bring your PSP and mobile phone on a plane?

i believe no gaming products can be played on plane.........and if you bring on the plane you have to put it on airplane mode

Can you bring an iPod on a plane?

yes you can bring an ipod on and in a plane as long as it is off for the takeoff and landing.

Can we bring a phone to a plane?

You can bring a phone on a plane so long as you have airplane mode turned on.

Can you bring chargers in a plane?

Well, do you have chargers? And are you on a plane?

Can you bring painter's tape in your carry on when boarding a plane?

Yes I did and yes you can! You are allowed to bring tape on to a plane.

When was Snakes on a Plane - Bring It - created?

Snakes on a Plane - Bring It - was created in 2006-08.

Can you bring an airsoft gun on to a plane and bring it into Vietnam?


Can you bring a salad on a plane?

Since airlines started selling the food on the plane, many people bring their own food on board. You can purchase food in the terminal after the security checks. Something like a salad might not get through TSA. It would have to be wrapped and salad dressing might be prohibited - and you would have to figure out how to keep it cold until you would want to eat it.

Are you allowed to bring your own food onto a plane?

Yes in most countries, but, not in Australia When entering Australia u can not have any wood food liquids or skins :(