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Bringing Your Own Jewelry for a PiercingYou need special peircing jewellery to peirce. If the peircer allows you to bring your own you would be allowed.

-the jewelry should be surgical steel if you bring your own.And yes most places allow you to bring your own. i brought my own when i got my navel done, and, it ended up costing less on top of it, cause i didnt have to purchase the jewery at the piercing place.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:23:25
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Q: Can you bring in your own jewelry to get your navel pierced?
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Are you supposed to bring in your own jewelry to get your naval pierced?

no you don't they provide it for you just like ear piercing

When you get your lip pierced do you have to bring your own piercing?

When I got my lip pierced, they already had the jewelry with them, because they have to use a special, longer stud to accomodate swelling. Perhaps if you brought you're own ball(s), they would screw those onto the stud instead of the regular ones.

Are you allowed to bring in your own jewelry when getting anything pierced?

Unless your jewery is steril you should allow the body piercer to provide steril jewelry. Also, if you really want to use your own jewelery, go in earlier and ask them if they offer autoclaving. If they do, they'll charge you but your jewelery will be sterile.

Is it safer to bring your own piercing tools to get pierced?

No, Its Not Safer To Bring Your Own Tools, Its Safer To Find A Piercer You Trust And To Ask To See Them Set Up For Your Piercing, And For YOU To See How They Sterilize Everything.

Can you pierce your own navel with a navel retainer?

If your name is Chuck Norris, then yes.

Is it ok to bring your own tongue ring to get your tongue pierced?

Why would you do that? But no, they have a specific gauge and length that's crucial to the healing process.

Your cousin pierced her belly botton by herself can she get a STD?

Well keeping in mind she pierced her own navel goes to show that anything is a possibility when you fail to use common sense and logic. So can she get an STD, well if she is sexually active then the answer would be YES. But if she is not sexually active then the answer would be NO. Besides the STD being a concern, I would be more concerned about lock jaw (tetanus), HIV, meningitis, hepatitis and blood poisoning from her navel piercing than and STD.

What is the name for the fear of ones own navel?


How do you peirce your own belly botton?

You should never pierce your own belly button - it could get infected due to non-sterile needles and jewelry and you can even die from these infections. It's best to go to a professional tattoo shop, and get pierced there when you're of age/with your parents/guardians. Just wait until you can legally get pierced! It's not a big deal.

How do you peirce your own navel?

For health and safety reasons, you don't.

How long does your tongue have to be to get it pierced?

There is no length requirement for getting your tongue pierced. Anyone can get their tongue pierced with the exception of people that have their own personal and/or medical reasons.

Can you bring your own body jewelry to a piercing shop?

yes, it'll cost you way less! *You can but its a better idea to use whatever they have. Initial jewelry has to be the proper length to allow for swelling. Theres a pretty good chance that what you have is too short. Also, it has to be the right material. The jewelry also has to be autoclaved so if it actually is the right length, you'd have to bring it in early for them to sterilize it in the autoclave and they'd definitely charge for that. So it isnt actually that much cheaper. Its way easier to just let them use their own jewelry.

If you pierced your own lip and it swelled What do Yu Do?

Go to the doctor.

How do you make your own vagina jewelry?


How do you pierce your own belly button without using a navel kit?

Simple! you dont!

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yes because their jewelry is mostly gold! So Germany only sells their own jewelry!

Does it hurt to get your belly button peirced?

i pierced my own navel and it doesnt hurt that bad, i would only say like a 4 on a rating with10 being horrible. but once you have it in dont take it out or it will hurt horrible Self piercing is by far the worst thing you can do to yourself. The risks of infection rejection and basicly making a right royal mess out of a perfectly good navel is not very intelligent. Be smart, see a professional body piercer and have it done right the first time. Done professionally a navel piercing is quick, clean and next to painless.

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