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Before yes, but you will no longer be able to do this. It will have to go into the checked luggage and even then it may be removed. Terrorists are now starting to use liquid agents to create bombs.

2006-08-11 21:18:57
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Q: Can you bring wine into the US in carry-on luggage?
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Can you travel with wine on a plane?

It depends. Nowadays, you probably won't be allowed to take on that much liquid in your carry on luggage. The maximum in the UK (and the US?) is something like 100ml of liquid in carry on luggage. There is nothing I know of to say that you can't put wine in your checked baggage, however. Most countries have customs rules about what amount you can bring, so be sure to check that. Currently you cannot bring any bottles of wine or other liquids on the plane that are not purchased on the plane. There are methods in which to check your wine at the airport, such as a shipper box (cardboard), an insulated piece of luggage that holds a shipper box such as The Wine Check, or a heavy-duty piece of hardshell luggage made specifically for wine. Each of these is safer than shipping your wine, and often less expensive.

Can you carry wine in checked luggage within the US?

Yes, I do it all the time.

What did Norway bring to the US?

the stuff that they had room for in their luggage, such as seeds and tools.

How many bottles of wine can you bring into the United States from foreign countries?

How many bottles of homemade wine can I bring into the us?

Can you bring a bottle of red wine on your carry on to the Philippines?

If travel restrictions in that part of Asia are anything like in the US or Europe, then no. There is a limit to the size of containers for liquids in carry-on luggage of 3 ounces (89 ml), while a standard bottle of wine is 750 ml.

How much wine can you bring to Lebanon from the US?

as much as you want

Can you bring Nutella into the US in carry-on luggage?

Yes, as long as it is under 3 oz.

Should you declare the wine you bring into the US?

The law frowns on smuggling.

Can you bring beer and wine through us customs?

yes. and wine travels well but beer can explode in plane holds...

What benefits did imigrants bring to the development of the US?

cooking wine maker famers solder

Can you bring womens disposable razor in carry on luggage?

Yes you can, just don't use it as a weapon and ruin it for the rest of us.

Is heys US luggage or international travelers luggage better?

Heys US Luggage is fun and most of their luggage is child friendly. So if you are the more serious and business type of traveler, go with the International Travelers luggage but if you want your luggage to stand out more better be with Heys US

Is it legal to import kindereggs into the US?

Yes. Do not bother trying to ship them in or bring them in via airplane/luggage. They will be confiscated either way.

Can you carry wine as checked luggage into the US?

Yes. In addition duty free spirits in a sealed duty free bag may also be carried aboard.

How many fluid oz can you bring on an airplane?

When I last travelled from Australia internationally, I had a 350ml (350 milliliter = 11.834 907 945 ounce [US, liquid]) bottle of Coke. I was not allowed past customs until I either drank the entire bottle, or had 100ml left (100 milliliter = 3.381 402 270 1 ounce [US, liquid]). If you purchase anything after customs, you can pretty much take onto an aircraft whichever fits into your carryon luggage.

How much wine can you bring to Jamaica From the US?

It doesn't matter where you're travelling from, Jamaican law states you can only bring one litre of alcohol into the country.

How much wine can you bring back to Canada from the US?

each person can take back 1 litre of wine OR 1 litre of booze after a 24 hour stay in the USA

How much wine can you bring back to the us from japen?

Three bottles on a plane, although I'm sure you can ship more.

Can a Canadian citizen bring wine into the US?

Yes, a Canadian citizen over 21 years of age are allowed to bring up to 1 liter of alcohol duty free.

What is the baggage fee for flying TAM Airlines to Brazil?

From US to Brazil. Two 70lb checked bags plus your carryon

Can you bring nail polish on an airplane?

As long as it is not in your carry-on, or if it is very small. <><><> You may bring liquids, gels, or aerosols in your checked baggage- and in your carryon baggage. In carryon baggage, they must be in a one quart ziplock bag (one bag max per traveler) Individual bottles must be 3 oz or less. HOWEVER- while you are aboard the aircraft- PLEASE do not use nail polish or remover. All of us aboard the plane are sharing a limited amount of air, and we cannot open a window to get the smell out. Don't even open the bottle.

Can you bring a paintball gun into the US?

yes, however you should not pack it in carry-on luggage, and do not bring an airtank unless it has been disassimbled and inspected. Most fields will rent you an air-tank for very cheep rather than have you remove the regulator on your tank.

Can you bring more than 4 luggage which weight 100 lbs to US?

Yes, but if on a single flight, you will have to pay lots of excess baggage. Multiple flights or ships will be ok, though.

Will they allow us to bring BB guns on a plane?

No: neve,r You have to put in in a suitcase and declare it before it goes in the luggage compartment. NEVER try to take it into the passenger compartment of the aircraft.

Where can you buy luggage?

I've gotten a lot of my luggage from the Bergman Luggage online store. They have a hefty collection as well as accessories. Also they provide free shipping anywhere in the US.