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Can you build a fence right on the property line?


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Fences are governed locally and each has its own rules. You will have to check with the local town offices.


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Typically you are not to build a fence anywhere past your property line.

No, you cannot. The fence is the property of your neighbor and you have no right to paint it.

Find your exact property line..... then come on your side of it just a few inches and then the entire fence is on your property as opposed to building right on the property line where it would be on both properties.

Not on your side of the property line.

Yes, they can refuse. The fence is their property, so you must have permission to join their fence to yours. If not, you can build to the edge of your property line, leaving a gap between the two. You can have your property surveyed to determine your exact property line, and if their fence is on the line you can connect at those points only. You can also make them remove the fence if it's on your property.

no it still belongs to you. the fence just has to placed on your side of the line that's all. same for any fence your neighbor wants to build. the property line is still the property line

You are asking if you have the right to ask your neighbor to move his fence back from the common property line. Fence lines and set backs are governed by local ordinances. In my area a homeowner can build a fence directly on the property line. There is no setback rule.You need to start at your town building department and ask if there is any setback rule in effect in your town. You should find your answer there.

how far off the property line do you have to be for a house addition in susex county delaware

No. First you need to check the town or city ordinances where you live. In my jurisdiction a fence may be installed right at the property line. There is no set back rule.

If not prohibited or limited by zoning, covenants(rules and regulations, usually within a development), you can build a fence on your own property. If you mean to ask whether the fence can straddle the line if the neighbor does not agree, then the answer is "no". In most jurisdictions, after enough years have passed, fences will often "become" the property line and "trump" the survey or deed line. Therefore, its important that you are not giving away property by setting the fence too far in on your line.

You need to call your county office and inquire there.

if the indiviual built the fence and owns the fence , then he has the right to take the fence down .

If the plants are on your property they may be planted along your neighbors fence. However, climbing plants that will grow over the fence cannot be planted along your neighbors fence. Caveat: Make sure your neighbor has not installed the fence "inside" their property line so it lies a short distance FROM the property line. That is the practice in some areas and is required by the city ordinances in some areas. In that case, the land along the fence would belong to your neighbor. You need to determine where the property line is located and not assume the fence is on the property line.

If it's right on the property line, yes. But in that case you should probably talk to your neighbor to let him know and assume care and maintenance for the side of the fence facing your yard.

If the fence is on the legal, surveyed property line, then the line is official immediately.If the fence is not on the legal, surveyed property line, your state's doctrine of mutual acquiescence will determine if and when the fence will become the line. A real estate attorney in your area will be able to tell if you have a legitimate mutual acquiescence claim.

In the UK it is marked on your property deeds, there is no law saying it is universally left or right.

That issue is handled locally. You need to call your town offices.

First of all, discuss the situation with the person in a friendly, non-confrontational way. Don't assume this person is knowingly putting the fence on your property; perhaps he thinks the fence is on his property. If the location of the property line is not clear, you might suggest to pay half the cost to get the property line marked by a land surveyor. However, if the person is being unreasonable or refuses to stop building the fence until the property line is established, you should immediately call a local real estate attorney for advice on your situation.

It sounds like you have a strong adverse possession/mutual acquiescence claim to the fence as the property line. You need to contact a real estate attorney immediately to preserve your right to keep the fence line as the property line. Also see the Related Questions below.

You will have to check with the local zoning ordinances. It may require a permit. Normally a fence has to be a foot inside the property line. Check with your local permit office to find out what the exact requirements are. A quick phone call should do it.

Generally you can build a road right up to the property line. However, you should consult with an attorney who specializes in real estate law in your jurisdiction. YOu may want to know in advance the abutter's right to use the road, if any exists.

If the trees are on the property line the person who nails the fence to the trees must take care not to damage the trees so as to deprive the neighbor of their enjoyment.

It depends on what city you live in or what county you live in. The city has different ordinances then the county. Living in the city of Elizabeth City, NC the fence can be put on the property line but the owners of the fence need to maintain the other side of their fence.

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