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Fences are governed locally and each has its own rules. You will have to check with the local town offices.

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Q: Can you build a fence right on the property line?
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How far from property line can you build a fence in Centralia Illinois?

Typically you are not to build a fence anywhere past your property line.

Can I paint a neighbors fence that is facing my property but on his property line?

No, you cannot. The fence is the property of your neighbor and you have no right to paint it.

Do I need my neighbor's permission to build a new fence?

Not on your side of the property line.

If you put up a fence on your property does the neighbor on the other side of the fence have the right to paint attach to or alter your fence?

Find your exact property line..... then come on your side of it just a few inches and then the entire fence is on your property as opposed to building right on the property line where it would be on both properties.

If you put up a fence and leave it 8 inches from the property line does that 8 inches now belong to your neighbor?

no it still belongs to you. the fence just has to placed on your side of the line that's all. same for any fence your neighbor wants to build. the property line is still the property line

Can a neighbor refuse to allow their existing fence to be joined by a new one on the adjacent property?

Yes, they can refuse. The fence is their property, so you must have permission to join their fence to yours. If not, you can build to the edge of your property line, leaving a gap between the two. You can have your property surveyed to determine your exact property line, and if their fence is on the line you can connect at those points only. You can also make them remove the fence if it's on your property.

How far from my neighbors property line and from the road can i put a fence?

The fence cannot be outside your property line.

If I did not ask the neighbor to move his fence back from the property line when I bought the property can I make him move it 10 years later?

You are asking if you have the right to ask your neighbor to move his fence back from the common property line. Fence lines and set backs are governed by local ordinances. In my area a homeowner can build a fence directly on the property line. There is no setback rule.You need to start at your town building department and ask if there is any setback rule in effect in your town. You should find your answer there.

How far off the property line do you have to build a fence in Sussex county Delaware?

how far off the property line do you have to be for a house addition in susex county delaware

Can you build a fence on property line in Sullivan county Tenn?

You need to call your county office and inquire there.

If a fence is on the property line can you tear it down?

No. First you need to check the town or city ordinances where you live. In my jurisdiction a fence may be installed right at the property line. There is no set back rule.

If you have a fence between property which divide the two properties line and both of you have livestock can he take down the fence?

if the indiviual built the fence and owns the fence , then he has the right to take the fence down .

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