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"Decks and Sun Spaces" by Alfred Lees and Ernest V. Heyn( Sterling Publishing, NYC, NY)Special:Booksources. In Chapter 9 is a very doable plans for an above ground pool made of 4X4s and waterproof plywood. More detailed plans are offered by Sunland Pool Systems in Del-Mar, CA but I can't get hold of them. I am going to try this anyway, my instincts tell me it will work.

I have also seen plans for such a pool, and investigated it. What I found was that it was more expensive to purchase the lumber than to purchase the traditional pool kit.

ANSWERWhile we are still in the process of completing, we designed a 12'x24' using different length and width boards. Yes pool kits are good, but if you want something that will last and be more attractive, wood is it. I will be creating a website to show how once completed. It will have a complete parts list. We are very innovative folks and have come up with all kinds of ideas to keep cost down and we ran into luck on a few other things as well. Needless to say the Lumber was the Largest but it was only a total of $ 375.00, we got untreated due to all the treated was horrible looking, and $80.00 for the wood preservative (4 gallons). So far we are at a cost of $1,000.00. The pool liner we bought on-line for only $250.00 for a 12x24 rectangle beaded liner. I think by the time we are done we will be with in our budget of $1200.00 and we'll have a great pool that will provide years of fun in the Sun.
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Q: Can you build an above ground pool from 4x4's and plywood?
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