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Probably not because the credit would still be in your name. The guardian would only be able to use the card, but wouldn't be responsible for the charges. The only way to build credit is if the CREDIT, ie the responsibility is in their name.

AnswerIf you are referring to being an authorized user of an account, it would not help you to establish a personal credit history. If you mean becoming a joint account holder with the other person then you would be able to establish your own credit history. Keep in mind, as a joint account holder you could be responsible for the entire debt if the other person does not pay their share,(and vice-versa).
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Q: Can you build credit if your guardian adds your name to their credit card?
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If the husband owns the credit card and adds his wife to the card and he opens another credit account against that credit card does that affect her credit score?

If the husband adds the wife as a "joint" it will show on her credit report but will most likely not be counted against her if she tried to apply for a loan. If the husband adds the wife as an "authorized user" it will not even show on her credit report because she has no legal obligation to pay the credit card bills, but she has the right to use the card.

Does debit card build credit?

A debit card is a card that takes money straight out of the bank, however, a credit card lets you borrow money, but you must pay interest. So, a debit card does not build credit.

Can I get a credit card without any credit history?

You can get a credit card starting out with a small limit. If that still doesn't work look at getting a pre paid credit card to build credit. Bill payments on utilities are a great way to build credit.

Can you get a credit card if you are under 18 years of age?

You can get a credit card if you are under 18 years of age but you need a parent/guardian to sign for it.

Can you build credit history by using Debit card alone and not using Credit card at all?

No, spendings of debit cards aren't reported to credit reporting agencies. However it's possible to have a secured credit card(backed by a savings account) and build credit with that.

Is the Gesa Credit Union card good to help me rebuild credit?

If you think you can get the Gesa Credit Union card, then you may go for it or get one from a larger bank if possible. To build your credit, make sure you are prompt on your payments. As you use credit card, and pay it back, your credit history will build.

How can you build credit if you can't get approved for a credit card?

i don't think you can

Can a 17 year old obatian a credit card?

Some of the credit card issuers will allow a person of 15 years of age to obtain a credit card with a parent or guardian written consent. Check out the card issuer for additional information.

Where can you get a credit card at 15 years old?

If you are under the age of 21 in the US, it can be very difficult to get a credit card. You first have to have your own bank account. You will likely need a guardian's permission to procure one. The easiest way to get a credit card while under 21 is to have a joint account with your parents/legal guardian.

If you file bankruptcy will that remove a charge off report from a credit card?

Filing bankruptcy does not remove a charge off report from a credit card on your credit report. It just adds bankruptcy to your credit report.

Build Credit with a Secured Credit Card?

It is possible to get a credit card with bad credit, even if you have previously been turned down. Choose a credit card company that allows you the option of securing your own credit card, meaning that you essentially put your own cash into a special account first. You then get your credit card and use your own money as credit. The more money that you can deposit, the more you can charge. This type of secured credit option allows you to build up your credit again, while allowing you the freedom and convenience of a credit card.

What is an advantage of having an interest rate credit card?

The advantages of having a credit card with an interest rate is it helps build one's credit faster. The higher the interest rate of the credit card, the higher the credit score.

Is it smart to have 0 credit cards?

You need a credit card in order to build credit! I suggest starting off with one credit card. You can make a few purchases on it every month and then pay it off quickly. This is the most efficient way to build credit.

Can you get a credit card with no job and no checking or savings account and if so where do you look?

Start with a department store card. If you can't get that start with a "secured" credit card. It will build credit and allow you to apply for a regular credit card down the road.

If I am 14 years old can you apply for a credit card in the US?

A credit card requires a contract. Contracts can not be executed with a minor (someone under 18). So you would need a parent or guardian to be a co-applicant or guarantor if you want a credit card.

You dont have a credit card you don't plan to have one How can you build up credit without one?

You can build up credit thru a car loan if you make your payments.

What benefits would I get if I had a Visa Platinum card?

The benefits of acquiring a credit card is to build and establish credit for the future. A good credit score will get you alot of perks with companies.

How can one build up a credit rating?

In order to build up a credit rating one has to obtain a credit card first. Every time one uses a card, loses it, is being refused to get a card, pays a bill late the information is being gathered and turned into one's credit rating. Building up a credit rating can be done by using a 'Secured Credit Card'. One has to use the card regularly and pay off the bills monthly.

Are there good credit cards for bad credit consumers?

There is a credit card for individuals with bad credit called First Premier bank located in Souix Falls, South Dekota. This credit card company helps you build and restore some of your credit. They're interest rates are high, however I recommend them if you need to build your credit.

Does a secured credit card build credit the same was a normal card?

No, you have to deposit money in the account first, after that they give you a credit based on the amount you deposited. But the deposited amount stays in there until they change it to an unsecured card.

Free credit report with out credit cards?

Credit reports determine your credit score based on your credit card usage. Without a credit card, you'll be unable to obtain a credit report. If you are of age, it is best to obtain a credit card and use it responsibly in order to build good credit. Good luck!

Where can one apply for a Citi student credit card?

The Citi student credit card is a car designed to help college students build their credit while they are in school. In order to apply for the credit card, one must visit the Citi website.

How can good credit scores be obtained?

The best way to obtain a good credit score would be to apply for a credit card, use the credit card and always pay the bill on time. This will allow ones credit to build up.

How can you use a secured credit card to build your credit rating?

Stick to smaller purchases that you can pay off each month. And always pay on time. This will build a strong credit rating. Once you've done that, move on. After a year of on-time payments with a secured card, you may qualify for an unsecured credit card with a lower interest rate.

Will a secured credit card help to build or restore your credit score?

A secured credit card is one issued by any financial institution that have a certain amount guaranteed by you. Secured credit cards will help to restore your credit ratings and scores.