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Can you bulk up from just doing sit-ups and pushups?

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Sit ups and push ups will only tone your muscles, in order to bulk up you will need to add weight, do few reps and as many sets as you can, and continue to add more weight as your strength builds.

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Do push ups and sit ups make you big?

Weighted incline situps can give you very nice bulging abdomens. Doing elevated pushups with a weighted vest can give you the results your looking for depending on the goal. Different pushups work different muscles more than others. Otherwise if your a beginner start off without weights and just do regular situps and pushups until you feel comfortable enough to work with more resistance.

How do you do better at doing situps?

Just keep doing it, you'll get better.

Why is there a Chinese guy doing pushups at your front lawn?

He just stopped by for a short exercise break.

What are body weight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are movements done with just your bodyweight. Here is a list.PushupsSitupsBardipsPullupsChinupsStanding calf raisesSquatsLungesTricep extensionshandstand pushupsback extensionsetc etc etcBasically anything that can be done with weights, like a barbell, can be done with just your bodyweight.There are only a few exercises that cannot be done with just your bodyweight due to how the movement is performed: such as powercleans and deadlifts.

How do you improve your upper body strength without going to a gym?

Without using any weights you may do pushups, pullups, and situps. There are also items that you can use around the house instead of weights. If you are just starting you can use a can of soup. They are easy to hold and when you are done you can have lunch.

How do you look and feel healthy?

Any exercise that is especially hard for you to do should be the one you work on the most. By doing something that is hard for you, you gain a sense of accomplishment and you feel better almost instantly. you can start out with just a little say you can only do 5 pushups then do five pushups until you can do five no problem then do ten, then 20, then 50, then 100. By the way the Average firefighter can do 74 pushups just a good goal to achieve would be 75 then technically you can do more pushups than the average firefighter. :)

Do you put your hands behind your neck when doing situps?

if you really want to challenge yourself, try putting your arms crossed on just above your breast bone near your shoulders

How many calories do you lose in 10 pushups?

Pushups is not a great way to burn calories, it's just a great way to tone your muscles. If you're lucky you'll burn 5-8 calories from 10 pushups.

How long does it take to get a toned stomach doing situps?

depending on the amount of fat present, and the intensity/frequency of your workouts, the average joe could get it done in 6 weeks if you worked hard and often and did ab workouts other than just situps, there are other similar yet more effective ones u are missing out on.

How do you get thinner faster?

You can excercise,for example situps,pushups. If you eat just little servings of food throughout the day instead of eating big meals you will lose wait alot faster,eat healthier foods, run,jog,walk. dont drink pop it is very fatning drink water or milk. :]...hope it helped

How can you lose weight fast at the age 11 without buying anything?

just work out by doing sit ups, pushups, and eating right and if you just cut your portions into half like instead of eating a sandwich with 2 pieces of bread just use 1

What are some ways to get exercise in space?

Anything normal. it will just be harder. Try doing something. I've never been in space so I'm sure it is quite hard. No gravity and all. Maybe you just can't. Try holding onto a wall and kicking your legs, or strapping down and doing situps. I don't know!

Can you just work out to lose your stomach?

Short of liposuction there is no way to target fat reduction, you have to go on a diet and lose weight all over. Doing situps and crunches can help a little by tighten your stomach muscles a bit.

What burns belly fat fastest?

if u want to loose belly fat just exersize every day start eating healther and drink some water once in a while try doing sports.or u can try doing 100 situps each day .you can have some treats but just stay healthytry things like swimming'running.and play.

Do situps help you lose abdominal fat?

Because situps are exercise, they help you lose fat. However, like all other types of exercise, the fat reduction does not occur in just one place. It occurs all over the body. Situps, however, are very helpful in promoting good abdominal muscles, which are necessary for the appearance of a flat stomach.

What is bulk posting in banking?

Bulk posting in banking involves posting a bunch of debits or credits at once, or in bulk, on particular days. Banks do this with just one posting.

How do you combine your physical workout while on WikiAnswers?

Well I suggest that you get off the internet and run! Or just do thumb pushups...

Why is speed important in physical fitness?

Well,without speed or any type of steady or reasonable pace,you are waisting your time.The workout isn;t doing any good with pace.I mean,just think about it.What good is going slow to do you?Anyway,unless you are doing situps,(which require you to go slow)you should go steadily;no crazily fast.....

How many situps should a 100 pound 10 year old kid do in a day to get a six pack in one month?

For starters , A sixpack is about bodyfat , if you're bodyfatpercentage is too high you'll never have abs no matter how big the muscles are . Start doing some running or any other sport where you burn lots of calories and add some small abs exercises Do not do hundreds of situps since the situps are one of the least effective ab exercises and also don't train your abs everyday for hundreds of reps , your abs are just like any other muscle , so they do not grow if you do hundreds of reps every day

What is bulk motion?

Bulk motion is a type of motion that an object does. The object moves in a wave-like formation instead of just the waves moving.

What can an 11-year-old girl do to get muscles?

As an 11 year old you will have sufficient muscle for your body to operate as it should. You are liable to do yourself harm if you try and build up muscle in an unnatural way. Let nature takes it course and all will be to your satisfaction.Its true, an 11 year old girl shouldn't have developed muscles, not until at least 18 years of age. even a 13 year old male shouldn't be doing heavy weights. BUt if you are interested in doing something that will gain you muscle without harming you, try doing pushups, situps, squats (With no weight) and even just running, or riding a bike. All of those will get you core strength and conditioning practice before you even start lifting weights, and by the time you do start it should be alot easier on you.

Why don't Middle Schools in Alameda County CA have tackle football teams instead of flag?

Because its not allowed by law, an if a kid gets hurt its not on him its on the school. My dream is to go to the n.f.l. And im in 7th grade right now. So instead of playing football i work out and well pushups situps running pull ups and no weights *yet*. I hope that of you feel the way i do about football. Just exercise and wait untill highschool. Like me.

How do you flex arm hang for 20 seconds?

Really you just hang in the position for twenty seconds and lock your arms... pushups and pullups will help :)

Can you put bulk 5W30 oil in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

why not? they only use bulk in shops. Do you know what bulk means? 5w30 is accceptable in all engines exept for the 5.7L Hemi, which requires 5w20. Bulk just means that it comes out of a large container, it still has weight ratings. ie 10w30, 5w30.....

Do situps burn fat?

No. Aerobic (cardio) exercise burns fat. You can do thousands of sit-ups and you'll just have stronger abdominal muscles underneath a layer of fat.