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Sit ups and push ups will only tone your muscles, in order to bulk up you will need to add weight, do few reps and as many sets as you can, and continue to add more weight as your strength builds.

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Q: Can you bulk up from just doing sit-ups and pushups?
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How do you do better at doing situps?

Just keep doing it, you'll get better.

Do push ups and sit ups make you big?

Weighted incline situps can give you very nice bulging abdomens. Doing elevated pushups with a weighted vest can give you the results your looking for depending on the goal. Different pushups work different muscles more than others. Otherwise if your a beginner start off without weights and just do regular situps and pushups until you feel comfortable enough to work with more resistance.

Why is there a Chinese guy doing pushups at your front lawn?

He just stopped by for a short exercise break.

How do you get super strong?

you do extersize every day. eat protein 5 times a day at least 100% and just do pushups, situps, jog, run and most imortant never ever eat sweet stuff

Hello is this a good way to increase my pushups I'll just add one or two maybe 3 everytime I do pushups?

Yes, this is indeed a good way to increase your pushups

How do you improve your upper body strength without going to a gym?

Without using any weights you may do pushups, pullups, and situps. There are also items that you can use around the house instead of weights. If you are just starting you can use a can of soup. They are easy to hold and when you are done you can have lunch.

How do you look and feel healthy?

Any exercise that is especially hard for you to do should be the one you work on the most. By doing something that is hard for you, you gain a sense of accomplishment and you feel better almost instantly. you can start out with just a little say you can only do 5 pushups then do five pushups until you can do five no problem then do ten, then 20, then 50, then 100. By the way the Average firefighter can do 74 pushups just a good goal to achieve would be 75 then technically you can do more pushups than the average firefighter. :)

Do you put your hands behind your neck when doing situps?

if you really want to challenge yourself, try putting your arms crossed on just above your breast bone near your shoulders

How long does it take to get a toned stomach doing situps?

depending on the amount of fat present, and the intensity/frequency of your workouts, the average joe could get it done in 6 weeks if you worked hard and often and did ab workouts other than just situps, there are other similar yet more effective ones u are missing out on.

How do you get thinner faster?

You can excercise,for example situps,pushups. If you eat just little servings of food throughout the day instead of eating big meals you will lose wait alot faster,eat healthier foods, run,jog,walk. dont drink pop it is very fatning drink water or milk. :]...hope it helped

How can you lose weight fast at the age 11 without buying anything?

just work out by doing sit ups, pushups, and eating right and if you just cut your portions into half like instead of eating a sandwich with 2 pieces of bread just use 1

Can you just work out to lose your stomach?

Short of liposuction there is no way to target fat reduction, you have to go on a diet and lose weight all over. Doing situps and crunches can help a little by tighten your stomach muscles a bit.

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