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Yes, you can buy a car and have it financed before bankruptcy is discharged.

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Q: Can you buy a car and have it finance before bankruptcy discharged?
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What happen if you file bankruptcy and have not been discharged and buy a car and have it finance?

If you file bankruptcy and you have not been discharged the car that you buy can be used to finance it.

Can you buy a car cash before the bankruptcy is discharged?


How soon after a chapter 7 bankruptcy can you buy a car?

The day you are discharged you can buy a car. You need to take proof that you are discharged.

Can you buy a car one year after filing chapter 13 and can your creditors take your car if you don't wait until you're discharged from your bankruptcy?

While in a Chapter 13 debt repayment bankruptcy, you must consult the bankruptcy trustee before engaging in a major financial transaction, such as the purchase of a vehicle.

Can you buy a car after filing bankruptcy before you get a discharge?


What should you have before you buy a car with finance?

A Job

Is it okay to purchase a car before you file bankruptcy?

Yes, as long as it is not excessive and you plan on paying it back. In other words don't buy a Mercedes if you usually drive a Honda. And any auto loan made within 910 days before bankruptcy cannot be discharged. So if you can't pay for it they can come repossess it.

When you file for bankruptcy how long before you can buy a house?

When you file for bankrupt, you can wait for 2 years before u can buy a house.

Is it better to buy a car with a horrible credit history or wait until a bankruptcy is discharged?

Wait until the bankruptcy is discharged. Dear Lord, yes, wait until the debt is discharged! Otherwise you will get stuck with horrendous interest rates which, even if you can afford the resulting inflated monthly payments, will take forever to build any positive equity in the vehicle. And remember that a discharged debt is not the same as a charged-off will still owe a charged-off debt.

Can you cash in an IRA and buy a car with the money before your bankruptcy is discharged if you've already been to your 341 Meeting?

you must know very well that you can buy anything you want with the $$ in someone else's name. Tell your trustee that you have some sort of problem or addiction, and they would not be able to trace the $$.

How soon after chapter 7 bankruptcy can you buy a new car?

The day you get your discharge paper. I do caution against that because ANY bad mark after a bankruptcy is taboo and you will not be able to finance anything for a long time.

You declared bankruptcy a year ago it has been discharged can you rent to own a home?

Yes. You can buy one too. But getting a loan may still well be impossible.

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