Can you buy a giraffe?

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2010-01-21 02:17:18

Absolutely you can buy giraffes. There are many things you need

to consider when buying this, or any other "exotic" animal. Do you

have enough room for the animal? What about feeding it and

providing proper veterinary care? I mean what are the odds that the

animal will go from birth to death not needing some care? Dont

think for a second that your local vet. will be equiped or willing

to take care of your exotic. Food is a subject all on its own. If

the animal is from another country, or another continent

all-together, feeding it could be extremely difficult and/or

expensive. Many animals require specific diets, which now you would

have to figure out what it is - and how to go about providing


There are many questions you would need to really ask yourself,

but the answer to most "can I buy..." questions is yes, for a


I'd be more interested in renting, say for a bachelor party.

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