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Consult with a lawyer familiar with firearms law.

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Q: Can you buy a hand gun in ny if you have been arested for petty larceny?
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What is cash on hand?

Cash on Hand is the value of the contents of your Petty Cash Box and any other actual cash belonging to your business that has not yet been lodged to the business Bank Account.

What are the advantages of a Imprest system for petty cash?

An Imprest system of petty cash is used for more control over cash in hand. In an Imprest system, the amount in hand plus the amount of all receipts should be equal to petty cash balance. If at any time cash in hand and receipts do not equal the fixed amount of petty cash, then investigation should be done about the discrepancy.

What includes in petty cash?

smalll amount of cash kept at hand

Is cash on hand an asset?

Cash on hand is an asset. It will be included as a current asset and is often called "petty cash"

Is petty cash a asset or liability?

Petty cash is current asset and shown under cash in hand section of balance sheet in asset side.

Why business keep petty cash book?

When an employee needs to buy something quick they can use petty cash. For example, if an employee made a quick trip to get some donuts for the people in the office they would just take from the petty cash on hand.

Difference between petty cash and main cash book?

cash book is the statement which contain's the total cash information . the information includes "cash in hand & cash at bank" petty cash book is maintain by company to meet their daily expenditure

Can petty cash be misappropriation of funds?

Petty cash is also called cash-in- hand as opposed to cash- at- bank. Where there is good system of internal control eg. petty cash float is established and maintained and occasional surprise csh count is undertaken a presponsible person, the possibility misapropriation of funds is rather very remote.

Why does tom petty's arm have tremors and shakes when he is performing?

It is from an old hand injury. He powdered the bones in his rleft hand in a fit of anger while recording the sone Rebels. His lt hand is made up of pins,screws,metal rods.

Will petty cash in hand come in the income statement or balance sheet?

It will be on the asset side under the heading of current assets in the balance sheet.

Is a corporal a higher rank than leading rate?

The rank of Corporal and Leading Seaman are equivalent. The next level up is Sergeant (army) Petty Officer (navy). Although the American Navy turfs in a few extra pay grades under the Petty Officer rank. On the other hand the British Navy skips the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class and goes right to Petty Officer 1st Class from Leading Seaman. Petty Officer 1st Class is equivalent to Warrant Officer in the Army. Confused?

Examples of misdemeanor?

Examples of Misdemeanor Charges Often, what differentiates a misdemeanor from a felony is the severity of the crime. For example, theft crimes under a certain dollar amount, typically identified as petty theft or petty larceny, are classified as misdemeanors. On the other hand, theft crimes over a certain dollar amount, grand theft or grand larceny, will be tried as felony offenses. Some minor drug offenses, such as possession, are customarily misdemeanors, unless the evidence suggests that the possession was with the intent to sell, which may make the charge a felony. Other crimes considered misdemeanors include: Most DUI/DWI charges; Shoplifting; Vandalism; and Prostitution. Even though a misdemeanor results in a lesser punishment, it will still appear on your criminal record. Contact GetLegal for Assistance in Finding the Right Lawyer f you need a qualified attorney to protect your rights, GetLegal has the tools to assist you can Call us at 877-359-7077.

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