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Yes, and it is quite a convenient way to buy jewellery.

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In short, yes this is possible. Please verify the reputation of the place you are buying the ring at. You will have to get the ring sized, or have her finger measured to make sure you get the right size. I prefer to get my jewelry from my local jeweler, because if something goes wrong, I know where to go to find them or to get it right. I also know they are not going to take my money and not give me my item or not give me a bad item and then close up shop over night. With Engagement Rings in particular, you may think a ring looks GREAT online, but when it comes in it may not be what you thought it was and may not look good on her finger like you thought it would. With a major purchase such as this, I would trust a jeweler.

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Q: Can you buy an engagement ring online?
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Can the woman buy engagement ring?

Yes they can the only difference it is non traditional but anyone can buy an engagement ring

Do you have to buy engagement ring and wedding band together?

no. you buy the engagement ring, then you go to bands-r-us and buy the wedding band.

Where can a person go to buy asscher cut engagement rings?

Ritani has a very large selection of Asscher cut engagement rings. They will allow you to create your ring online, and then go into the store and see the ring before you buy it.

Where can I buy a men's engagement ring online?

Blue Nile is considered the best online store for buying engagement rings. They have a combination of reliability, and accuracy in showing their materials to the public.

Do you buy and engagement ring and a wedding ring?


How do you buy a uncut diamond in a foreign country to get cut down into an engagement ring how do you go about finding the uncut diamond you want to buy?

If your talking about the engagement ring in miscellania and etceteria you just get a normal ring there is no special engagement ring or anything like that

Should you give her a wedding ring or engagement ring?

If you plan to ask her to marry you, you should give her an engagement ring. The majority of engagement rings are diamond but keep in mind that you can easily find a diamond engagement ring for your budget. If you buy a nice engagement ring, you and your bride-to-be can buy your wedding rings with or without diamonds or just plain gold (or another material) wedding bands.

Where can one design his or her own engagement ring?

Brown Jewelers is a jeweler located in Atlanta that offers one to customize their own engagement ring. Online, one can design their own engagement ring on Etsy.

What is the difference between engagement rings and bridal sets?

When you just want to buy an engagement ring it's one ring and a set has the engagement ring and the wedding band to match as a set.

Can I get an engagement ring from tag Heuer?

I wouldn't buy an engagement ring from tag Heuer for your girl unless you want her to wear it around her wrist. I would stick to them for watches and go to engagement stores for the ring.

Where could a person buy engagement ring sets?

There are many jeweler companies and websites that offer engagement ring sets. Some of these companies that offer engagement ring sets are Amazon, Zales and Jarrod's.

Where can I find an online store to buy unique engagement rings?

There are many online retailers that can provide a bespoke unique engagement ring for the customer. Some retailers that provide this service include Debeers, Stevenstone and Leon Mege.

Where in Brazil can you buy an engagement ring?


Can you use cash for engagement ring?

To buy one you can

Since when did it become a tradition for the parents of the groom to pay for the bride's engagement and wedding ring?

It is not a Western tradition for the parents of the groom to buy the bride's engagement or wedding ring. Your son would buy the engagement ring and wedding ring generally as a set. He can either take his fiance into a jewelry store and let her pick out the ring or, he could choose an engagement ring (along with a wedding ring) and take a chance she will like it.

Does the man buy his own engagement ring?

Usually, engagement ring is bought by man for woman, only. Man do not usually wear the engagement ring, as it could be mistaken for the wedding band or ring. But some men choose to wear the engagement ring as well. I guess, woman shall not pay a dime for his engagement ring, as traditionally, it is the man who proposes wedding to the woman.

Where can one buy a titanium engagement ring?

Titanium engagement rings can be bought from several physical and online stores. Among them are Zales, Macy's, James Allen, Amazon, eBay, Sears, and Rakuten.

Do you have to have a special ring for engagement?

In short, no, you do not have to have a special ring for the engagement. However, most people buy an Engagement ring for this occasion. Engagement rings are usually made of yellow gold, white gold, or platinum and usually have at least one clear diamond. To see an example of a traditional engagement ring, please see the resources/links section below.

Where can I buy a pear shaped engagement ring if I want to choose from a big stock?

When looking to purchase a pear shaped engagement ring with a choice available from retailers with a large stock then it may be possible to buy one from an online store. Quality Diamonds, Diamonds Factory websites may be able to provide the perfect ring for one to purchase.

Do guys buy a girl diamond ring if it's not engagement ring?

Yes, a guy can buy a girl a diamond ring, even if he isn't proposing. But, you'll want to make sure it's not an engagement ring, like a solitaire, or she may get the wrong idea.

Where could one buy a cheap but attractive engagement ring?

One can buy a cheap but attractive engagement ring from Annaij, Renesim, Belljewels, Jewelry Central, Excel Diamonds, Its Hot, Ring Envy, Novori and many others.

Where can one buy a white gold diamond engagement ring?

There are many companies that offer white gold diamond engagement rings. Overstock is a quality online site that offers them and Zales is known for their jewellery.

When engaged does the engagement ring go on the left or right hand ring finger?

Your engagement ring goes on the left hand ring finger, then at the wedding you move it to the right hand so your wedding ring can be placed on this finger and move it back later. You can buy engagement and wedding rings that match, but if you have a very fancy engagement ring it is better to have a plain wedding ring.

Where to get a Copy of Katie prices engagement ring from?

Try emitations online.

Buy an engagement ring?

This question seems kind of vague. Please clarify your question with a more specific question. I believe you are asking where to buy an engagement ring. Most people go to a jeweler for this. An easy solution would be to pick your engagement ring out online. Or at least have an idea of what you like in mind then go to the store. There are a lot of different diamond engagement rings on the site below (link) you can pick one out and then find your nearest retailer under the "store locator" link on the site.

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