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Sure you can but why buy what you can get for free. There are 2 very good Anti-Virus programst that are free. AVG & Avast. Take a look. You can buy Kaspersky internet Security 2009 3 PC 2 year or Norton 360 3.0 Version 2 Years for 3 PCs with cheap price from

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Q: Can you buy and use antivirus software on all your home computers?
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What is the best way to prepare a network to prevent a virus infection from spreading?

Configure personal software firewalls on all computers.Install antivirus software on all network computers.

What elements are needed in a workstation Domain policy regarding use of antivirus and malicious software prevention tools?

Policies for workstation antivirus and malicious software prevention tools must be consistent. They have to be the same for all computers in the network or it won't do any good.

Will Antivirus software stop all viruses?

No. Only those known to the antivirus producers.

What are the uses of software in computers?

Everything. All that is done with computers requires software.

Who uses the norton antivirus software?

Many people actually. Since Norton is usually preinstalled on most computers, people dont want to bother install another AV software. We all know Norton can be very fussy and sometimes worthless. If you are looking for a really good AV software for free, download AVG AntiVirus Free.

Is threat fire antivirus compatible with AVG antivirus?

Yes it is compatible with all anti virus software.

What kinds of computers are compatible with presentation software?

I think that all computers are compatible with some kind of presentation software, but it varies because different computers are no compatible with the same software.

What are some good antivirus software's?

AVG is a free antivirus program available on the internet. Other options for free antivirus software are Panda Security, Immunet, and, ZenOK. All are available for free via direct downloads from their respective websites.

How do I make sure that my computer network is safe?

Put a firewall between it and all external networks. Make it a physical network (ban WiFi). Run good antivirus software on all computer attached to your network. Disable the downloading of software to computers on your networks. Ban/disable all USB access to your computers. Switch off your computers when not in use. Only allow one person admin authority. Make people have secure passwords.

What is best antivirus suitable for Windows XP service pack 3?

For all Windows computers, I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. It's an antivirus program made by Microsoft (the same company that made Windows), so it works great with the features and the software in Windows. And best of all, it's free!

Does Samsung Galaxy 10.1 have antivirus software?

Android phones/tablets have no antivirus software whatsoever. you could get all of your credit card information stolen from you in the blink of an eye. it pays to have an iPhone.

How do you get a description for a free downloading antivirus software?

You can google it for the best antivirus and then you can dowload it for your pc to get rid of all internal and external attacks.

What is the best antivirus program for my laptop?

Hey, I found that you are having problem in finding the best antivirus with spyware . Dont' worry . We are always available to help you people. Check out this link best of all Antivirus software ht tps:// cutt. ly/sxebZQR (Remove space to get your spyware included antivirus)

How update antivirus with the internet?

To update antivirus software with the internet all you have to do is be connected to a network and then click your antivirus software and click update or just let it automatically do it for you. By doing this you are keeping your computer protected against the 100+ viruses created per day.

How does antivirus software recongnize new viruses and worms?

The definitions for antivirus programs are basically snippets of viral code from all known viruses. When a file is accessed on your computer, the antivirus software does a quick scan and checks its database for any matches to to its definitions.

Does Linux need antivirus software?

no Linux is a software with built in security in all if it has a treat it will let you know plus it uses Mozilla Firefox witch scans all downloads for viruses anyway so it is a pretty safe software so their is no need for any antivirus software. But if you want any you can go to software center and download one if you want.

Where can someone find the top ten antivirus reviews?

The best place to find antivirus software reviews is through consumer reboots. This company compiles all of the reviews customers have about each antivirus software and many other products and organizes them on one page for you.

Why don't all antivirus software offer a virtual private network?

That's because "antivirus" and "VPN" are really two different tasks.

How do you pick a good antivirus software?

Look around online and read some reviews about the software you are interested in purchasing, or ask a member of our family that may know about computers. Look for a program with great protection. But in the end it all comes down to personal opinion.

Where can Avira antivirus be downloaded?

Avira antivirus may be downloaded online on the Avira website. This download is free and contains all the instructions needed to set up and use the antivirus software.

What software packages come with each of these cheap computers?

All of the cheap computers will come with basic software, as well as some trial software (such as Office). In addition, they'll be preconfigured with all necessary drivers.

Antivirus programme is an examlpe of which type of software?

All of us are cautious about our identity in real lives. The same importance should be given to our digital identity too. Compromising digital identity may lead to loss of data and money in our bank accounts. So be very careful and take all the necessary steps to be secure digitally. Consider buying antivirus suites from the best antivirus software labels which has both windows antivirus & mobile antivirus like K7 antivirus programs to protect your digital footprint and stay secure from invasive online tracking and keep up your internet security.

Do all computers come with a free backup software when you buy it?

Not all computers come with free back-up software for your operating system. Ask before you purchase the computer if the back-up software will be included.

Where can one find free or gratuit antivirus software?

Free antivirus software can be obtained through the AVG website. Their free version does not have all the same features as the full version but it does a good job of protecting your computer.

Where can you download free and the best antivirus?

AnswerAs you seem to know there are many effective free antivirus programs out there. When I look at antivirus software I am focused on its ease of use, accuracy of scan results, quickness and easy to use ( a well designed user interface). Through my years of home and business IT support I have experimented with many antivirus programs. The most effective is Avast Free antivirus. I have it installed on all my computers at home It is quick, thorough and the settings are easy to change if you care to do so. You can download it at you have any other questions or problems write on my message board.