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Can you buy freon to charge your home air conditioner?


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2015-07-15 21:51:13
2015-07-15 21:51:13


Of course you can. There are worldwide distributors of these chemicals. However, there are limitations on new manufacturing and importation, so substitutes are being found.

Freon is a brand name for CFC Refrigerants so the question in the US is are you EPA Certified-- then is it cost efficient.


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If your air conditioner blows air but it's not cold air then you probably need freon in your air conditioner

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Answering "Where do you add freon to your air conditioner in your ford ranger?"

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you use freon to cool your car and make the air conditioner work

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Actually no technical skills needed to check the Freon level. Home central air conditioners have a Freon scale on it. One just need to read the scale and determine whether the level of Freon is sufficient.

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