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the gear in my 1989 camaro is broken and i called the Chevy dealership and they would order me one and i believe it was $5-$10.

Added by CamaroLuver: You can also order one from i believe it is number 7. on their most list of most common parts...$7

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:25:54
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Q: Can you buy just the plastic gear inside the rear hatch pull-down on a 92 Camaro rs?
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Why might a Fiat Punto rear washer not work?

A pipe inside the rear hatch has diconnected, simply remove the plastic inner panel inside the hatch and reconnect

Where is the spare on 95 Camaro?

If one is present, it is on the right-hand side at the rear of the car after you remove the hard-plastic covering in the hatch.

Will a 1991 Camaro rs back hatch fit on a 1992 Camaro rs?


90 Pontiac firebird rear hatch?

The rear hatch can be replaced by another hatch from an 82 to 92 firebird or camaro.

How do you manually open the rear hatch of a 2002 beetle?

To manually open the rear hatch of a 2002 beetle can be hard depending on weather the hatch is closed or open. If needing to manually open a hatch you will have to take the plastic cover from the inside of the hatch then push the latch open.

How to open the rear hatch door on 2001 Mercury Mountaineer from the inside?

You can not open the rear hatch door from the inside.

What happens when your 1991 Camaro RS trunk hatch won't retract?

means it's time for a new hatch release or the cable is snapped and isn't pulling the latch open to release the hatch if you remove the panel in the hatchback where the retractor is you will probably find that its broken off of its bracket. there is a piece of plastic that holds that motor in place, and when it snaps, the hatch either wont shut or wont retract all the way

How do you get the plastic piece off to get to the rear hatch lock?

Remove the large plastic screws around the back, and inside the locked storage area, plus, the ledge at the bottom of the lock (bar) and the small screws on top.

What could cause water to leak inside the trunk of a 1991 Chevy Camaro?

Rear hatch leaking on 3rd gen Camaro,Z28-IRoc-z/Trans Am/Firebird-GTA The seal between the window and the hatch is worn. Any glass shop will reseal do yourself buy a glass sealer or tar. remove inner hatch cover, there are I believe 4 bolts holding the window to the hatch. remove them. Have a large 4by4 holding up the hatch. Remove the hatch struts. Clean off old sealer under window an hatch. Reseal the hatch/window. Put the struts back and retighten all the bolts snug not too tight. I have had the same problem. This will fix ur water leak problem..

Where is the spare tire in a 1997 Trans Am?

The spare tire should be inside the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Pop your hatch, remove the three plastic buttons holding on the passenger rear plastic hatch cover, where the speakers are if so equipped. The jack and spare tire should be under this cover.

How do you change the brake light in a jeep grand Cherokee orvis edition?

Tail lights-- You have to unscrew the three bolts inside the hatch, pull the tail light toward you, then turn the bulb at the top. Third brake light-- You have to take (4) screws out of the plastic trim around the top of the hatch inside. Then remove the plastic trim and turn whichever bulb is burnt out and replace it.

How do you replace the third bake light of Toyota Highlander 2005?

I replaced mine on my '01 is done from inside. Open the hatch and pop the moulded plastic from the inside of the rear hatch to gain access to the bulb. I first attempted to change it from the outside..WRONG busted the light and had to buy new for $100....

How do you open a stuck rear hatch on a Mitsubishi space wagon?

You will need to remove the plastic panel on the inside of the hatch. From here you can access the locking mechanisim. Follow the cable to the latch and use somthing like a screw driver to lever it open.

How do you troubleshoot and repair the powered rear hatch pulldown assembly on a 1988 Camaro?

First you need to check for power (12 vdc) at the contact connector with a volt meter. If you don't have power, you need to trace back till you find where the 12vdc stops and fix the supply problem. If you do have 12 volts, make sure the contacts are in good shape and making proper contact when the hatch closes. If it still does not work, some camaro parts sites have GM replacement parts to rebuild the electric motor. Hope some of this info helps. The replacement motor parts are available at

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How do you change the taillight of a 1985 camaro Z-28?

open the rear hatch. pull back the carpet/felt. remove the 5 plastic screws/wingnuts. and separate the light housing from the vehicle. twist the bulbs to remove. install is reverse.

How do you open a hatch on an 87 camaro?

Try using the key... (the lock should be behind the license plate)

How do you get my rear hatch to open on a 2002 GMC Safari?

Remove the plastic molding covering the inside of the rear hatch. The hole located at the bottom of the hatch (long slot) is where you'll need to insert a flat blade screw driver. There is a pivot point that connects both latches through rods (left and right) on the rear hatch. Cause the pivot point to pivot using the flat blade screw driver and push the hatch outward. The rear hatch should now be open.

Where is the rear hatch relay location on 1992 Camaro RS?

Right by the motor to the left under the rear cover..

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