Can you buy lil kinz at Walgreens?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Can you buy lil kinz at Walgreens?
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What store can you buy webkinz for 99?

Sorry - There are no Webkinz sales for 99 cents. The least I've seen them sold for is 7.99 for lil kinz, and 9.99 for big kinz, at Walgreens.

What was the first lil kinz?

The Lil' Kinz Pig was the first Lil' Kinz

How much is webkinz and lil'kinz at Walgreen's?

At Walgreens, a Webkinz costs $7.99, and a LIl' Kinz costs $3.99

How many Webkinz does Austin Fine have?

He has 7.a lil` kinz lion,a webkinz B&W cat,a webkinz googles,a yellow lab,a lil` kinz basset,a lil` kinz koala,and a lil` kinz rabbit.

What webkinz should I buy that's a rodent?

Try a lil' kinz white mouse!

Where can you buy a lil' kinz webkinz seahorse? ---- You can go here

How Much do Webkinz cost at Walgreens?

They cost $6.99 a piece. You can also get eligibility on free shipping. This is not so on all items.

Webkinz pet of month December lil kinz or big kinz?

Big Kinz. no durr

Can lil kinz do what Webkinz do?

Yes. The lil' kinz are just a smaller and cheaper version of webkinz. They're almost like brothers and sisters. Except lil' kinz can't be pet of the month.

Where are Webkinz sold?

Go to and go to the store locater. I usually buy mine from CVS, Walgreens and Giant Eagle. I heard they sell webkinz at Walmart too. Webkinz cost about $14 and Lil kinz costs $6.99

Which do you prefer Lil' Kinz or Regular Sized Webkinz?

Me? depends on the pet. Lamb? Lil Kinz Black Lab? regular

Hiow much are Webkinz?

Lil kinz- $9.99 Webkinz- $12.99 Lil kinz are the same as Webkinz just smaller.