Can you buy rabies vaccine for dog in Ohio and have it shipped to me?

My sister gives our dogs all their shots except rabies. She can get the vaccine, but not the tag, so you wouldn't have an acceptable record to show for it. We are in NE Ohio.

Here's a better answer... Yes you can. I live in Ohio and buy my dogs' rabies vaccines here:

It's in North Carolina.

They send you the vaccine, syringe, certificate and tag. Very reasonably priced and shipped well packaged with a cold-pack to protect them from heat. They also have other medications and vaccinations. It saves a lot of trouble and expense by not having to haul all the animals down to the vet!

Well, I'll one up the answer above... YES, you can have the Rabies vaccine shipped to your house in the state of Ohio (it is one of the few states as of right now that it is not illegal to ship it to); however, I must tell you that according to the state of Ohio your dog will not be deemed Rabies vaccinated because it was not given by a licensed veterinarian. In which case, if your dog ever bit anyone it would be put through the same quarantine and procedure as a dog that has never been rabies vaccinated. If you are unfamiliar with this, the dog is in quarantine for 10 days, no contact with any animals what-so-ever and minimal interaction with humans, if within those 10 days the dog shows symptoms that could be foreseen as a potential rabies case - well the dog will be euthanized and tested for rabies. All in all, it's just better to do it at a veterinarian.