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No, but if you catch a shuckle, give it a berry, use it in battles, eventually it'll make a rare candy.


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You can't buy Rare Candies in White.

Rare Candies are not buyable in the game.

You can't buy rare candies in any game you can only find them

Buy an action replay and set it to 999 rare candies

You can't buy rare candies you have to search for them on the ground or get a Pokemon with the pick up ability. But you can use BattlePoints you earn at the Battle tower to get rare candies

u cant buy them on these Pokemon editions

You cannot buy rare candies, it wuld be amazing if you could, but the only for unlimited is through cheating for example a GameShark

There are no stores in the entire pokemon world that sell rare candies, hence the reason why they're so hard to find and RARE. If you could buy them they'd be called common candies.

You cannot purchase rare candy anywhere in the game.

There are two ways to get rare candies in Pokemon heart gold/soul silver. 1: go to mt. mortar & mt. silver. They are flooded with rare candies! 2: get an Action Replay (AR) which you can buy in the video game section of a store, Game Stop, or Best Buy.You can find a rare candy at the olivine light house,or use a dowsing machine and find it some where

use your money to buy them from the shop.

yes but you need the battle tower after the Pokemon legue

No, it's impossible without gameshark

No you cant buy a rarecandy you can only find it

in the pokeatolon on Mondays and Saturdays.

you have to buy actionreplay and get lots of rare candies

you can buy rare candies at the battle tower/frontier for battle points

first get alot of BP at the battle tower. then buy alot of rare candies at the reception counter

You can't buy them with money, but you can buy them with Battle Points at the Battle Frontier.

If you want tonnes of rare candies, I suggest you save up your money to buy gameshark or action replay ds/gameboy advance to hack the game and get extra rare candies.

Well, I used my Dowsing MCHN and found 3 rare candies in Anville Town. Also, you can go to the Battle Subway, earn BP points, and buy rare candies.

you can find them but i think you can buy them at the team galactic HQ

I don't think that you can. All you can do is find them or win them.

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