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Nope, the only way to get music onto the Samsung A920 is to transferr music onto it via the expandable micro sd card. The phone should have come with a 32 meg card. Buy a card reader and use that to transferr the music from your computer to the micro sd card and then put the card back into the phone. You will have to create a folder called "media" in order to play the mp3s with your media player on the phone.

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Q: Can you buy software to transfer MP3 songs from a computer to a Jive Samsung cell phone?
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How do you Transfer Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC?

Coolmuster Samsung Messages Backup can enable you to copy your SMS from samsung phone to your computer with only several clicks. You can complete the whole process within only a few seconds. You only to prepare well to get the software on your computer, and your samsung phone, one computer, one USB cable are ready.I use the Vibosoft Android file transfer tool to transfer data like message from Samsung to computer.

How do you transfer music from a computer to a Samsung Galaxy 550 phone?

You need Samsung Kies.

How do you transfer sms messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC?

It is not usually possible to transfer sms messages from any phone even a smart phone to a computer. However if the computer can do such as voice over IP then it might be possible. Check the instructions Samsung provide in their manual.

Can you transfer pictures from a memory card to a Samsung impression?

Yes, you can transfer the pictures from the memory card to a computer. Then transfer from the computer to the phone using the usb data cable that came with the phone. If you do not want to do that, you can take the memory card (not the sim card) out of the phone, find an adapter and connect it to your computer directly. Then transfer files.

How do you install software in your mobile phone?

Transfer any mp-3 player my computer to my mobile phone

How can you transfer photos from Samsung Note 2 to an Ipad via WiFi?

I have no ideas on how to transfer photos from Samsung Note to iPad via Wifi, but I know a software called FonePaw Mobile Transfer can help user transfer photos, music, videos and contacts from phone to phone directly. You can have a try.

How do you transfer pics from a razor phone to a computer?

Use usb cable connect your razor phone to computer. You might need install mot software in your computer. Then you can sync everything in your razor phone to computer.

How do you install software in samsung champ mobile?

You just need to get a .jar file for the application you want in your phone . Then transfer that file to your phone .Open the the .jar file in your phone and install it on your phone.

Where is menu screen on your Samsung phone?

in front of the phone software

How do you transfer videos from an LG Android cellphone to computer through USB?

You have to install the software that you get with the cell phone. It is usually in a CD/DVD or you have to go to there website and download it. Once you have the software on, the computer will recognize your phone and then you can transfer videos, photos, music, etc. If you have a memory card you can transfer it by putting the memory card in its adapter and inserting it in your computer. Hope this helps :)

In order to download from the computer using the samsung sgh a737 do you have to have the software for the phone?

no, you can just use a mini sd card

How do you get pictures off of your old samsung cingular flip phone?

To get pictures off of your old samsung singular flip phone save them to your sd or memory card and transfer them to your current phone. You can also use a usb cable to import them to your computer.

How do you transfer pictures from samsung phone to acer laptop?

The easiest ways to transfer pictures from any smart phone to a PC is through Bluetooth or emailing a picture from your phone to your own email address and then downloading the picture onto your computer.

How do I retrieve photos from a black Samsung S5 to replacement S5?

Connect the damaged phone to a computer - and copy the files you need to a folder. Disconnect the damaged phone and connect the new one - then transfer the files from the computer to the phone.

How do you put music off your computer onto your phone?

You can use a program called BitPim to transfer files between your computer and your phone. Depending on your phone and carrier, you might need a data cable to use this software. Otherwise, you will be able to use Bluetooth to transfer.

Can you transfer music from your iPod to your phone?

You can. All you must do is plug the ipod into the USB on your computer. Next, transfer with itunes to your computer. Next, plug in the phone usb adapter into your computer and transfer from computer to phone.

How do you put a video onto your computer from your phone?

It depends on the type of phone. iPhones can use iTunes to transfer files between the phone and a computer, or can use the iCloud to automatically synchronise files. Other phones, such as Nokia, use proprietary software. USB or Bluetooth is a common transfer medium, however you need a driver for the phone installed on the computer in order to recognise the phone as a storage device to actually transfer files between the two. Usually the phone manufacturer provides all the required software for free.

How do you transfer music from xbox 360 to samsung galaxy s?

you have to put the music on a flash drive then ,using a computer, put it on the phone.

How do you download music from computer to Samsung R450?

how do i download music to samsung messager phone from computer

How do you transfer contactspicturesvideossmsmms from old to new Samsung phone?

You have two choices... (1) Swap the SIM card (assuming they both take the same size card) - and copy the data to the new phone's memory. (2) Connect the OLD phone to a computer, copy the relevant data to the computer, connect the NEW phone to the computer and transfer the data to the new phone.

Can you get boost moble service for your Samsung transformer?

ihave an I290 mororola phone i bought a samsung verizone phone can i transfer my iformation to the new phone.

How do you back up a cell phone?

Most mobile phones come with file transfer software on a CD-ROM. Install the software on a computer - connect the phone via a suitable USB cable, and use the software to copy any files you need to keep onto the computer.

Why can you transfer photos from your computer to your phone but not view the photos on your phone?

Most phones when connected to a computer can behave just like any other standard storage device such as flash drives. This means that the computer doesn't necessarily know that your phone is indeed a phone, but explains why you can transfer the pictures to your phone. Usually you can transfer any type of file. The reason you can't view the pictures on your phone is most likely to be that your phone doesn't have any software that knows what to do with that type of file.

How do you transfer cell phone pictures to a computer?

If your phone has a memory card, you can get a reader for a few dollars and load them, or you can get the usb cord for your phone and software, or you can e-mail them to your e-mail.

Can you download whatsapp for samsung chat 357?

Whatsapp can be downloaded for Samsung Chat 357. An easier way to achieve this is to hard wire the phone to a computer and transfer through a cable instead of the internet.