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Insured Property ValuationIn the united States there are two valuations that can be used to purchase your homeowners insurance coverage. ACV (Actual Cash Value) or RC (Replacement Value).

If you are wanting to insure just the amount you we on a finance or mortgage note, That would be called mortgage insurance, not homeowners insurance.


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Q: Can you buy the amount of homeowner insurance you want?
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Can i buy your own retro homeowner insurance?

No. there is no such thing as a retroactive homeowners insurance policy.

Will any homeowner Insurance policies cover a car that was stolen from the driveway?

No homeowner policy will cover a vehicle that was stolen. Insurance varies from state to state but generally you can buy comprehensive protection only which will cover theft.

How much will life insurance cost?

It depends on many factors: your age, sex, occupation and health among others, and the amount of insurance that you want to buy.

Can a homeowner buy a liability only policy?

Your insurance agent will advise you of the bare minimum insurance you absolutely need, but you can be sure "liability" will be part of it, yes.

How much is a life insurance worth when mature?

You can buy any amount of life insurance that you want (and that you can afford). Policies can be as small as $500 or as large as many millions of dollars.

Where do I find Funeral Insurance in Ohio and how much should I be looking at?

Decide how much you want to spend and buy that amount of insurance to cover it. can help you find something.

Are there any add-ons that you can buy with your auto insurance that would cover personal belongings inside a vehicle like a laptop?

No. Personal belongings are covered by your renter's and homeowner's insurance.

If homeowner dies does homeowner insurance cover it?

Homeowners insurance covers the house itself should it be damaged. Many of the policies include liability insurance so that if anyone is injured there you have protection. There are some types of mortgage insurance that cover the remaining mortgage should the owner die. But, if the lender does not require it due to a low down payment, one would have to specifically buy that.

Can a homeowner buy only a Renters Policy?

Well, Not really, When you buy a renters insurance policy you have to declare that you are a renter. If you have a loss and the insurance company discovers you lied, They will not be required to pay for any claims due to a fraudulent statement on your application.

What if you have a break in homeowner insurance?

Just buy a new policy. You may lose your continuous coverage discount but you should have no problem finding coverage.

Can my wife's insurance force me to buy insurance from my employer?

No, they can't force you to buy it from your job. You can buy your health insurance wherever you want too. That's between you and the insurance company you choose to purchase coverage from.

Do you need pet insurance to buy a rabbit?

You DON'T need to buy pet insurance if you get a pet bunny, You can if you want to though.

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