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Yes because the app store is part of iTunes so u can use itunes gift card to buy apps

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What is the you tunes gift card for?

there is no such thing of a you tunes gift card. it is called an itunes (notice how there is no space in itunes) gift card. an itunes gift card is for buying music off of the itunes store for your ipod.

Is there money already in the iTunes Gift Card?

The amount you buy for that card is the amount that is in that iTunes Gift Card. You must activate it through the iTunes Store (there is a redeem gift card option towards the top right portion of the iTunes Store home page).

Can you use your iTunes gift card on rhapsody?

iTunes gift cards can only be used at the iTunes store.

Can you use iTunes gift cards at the app store?

Yes, you can use an iTunes gift card on the AppStore and on iTunes.

What is the difference between a itunes card and a apple store card?

An iTunes Gift Card is used for music/video/games/apps purchase from the iTunes Music Store.An Apple Store Gift Card is used for mac hardware and software purchases either in-store, or from the Apple Online Store.

Can you buy app store apps using i tune gift card?

yes you can buy anything from itunes with a itunes gift card

Can a HMV gift card be used on iTunes?

no but u can use it to buy a itunes card in store :D

How do you get an iTunes gift card on iTunes store?

In iTunes, go to the store area, then on the right click redeem or redeem card. put in the code and you are ready to go.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to buy an iPod touch?

No, you cannot. iTunes gift cards can only be used to by what is in the iTunes Store.

How do you uses a iTunes gift card on iTunes?

Go to the iTunes store in your computer. Then go to "Redeem iTunes gift card" it will be on the left side on your compurter, and there will be a code on the back of the card and just type it in the same way it is on the card. Then you will have that amount in your iTunes account.

Can you use a iTunes gift card at the mac store?

iTunes gift cards are only valid at the iTunes store online. The Apple stores use a separate system.

Can I use my apple gift card in itunes?

No, you can only use the gift card to purchase products from the Apple store online or in the store.

What do you do if you lost your iTunes gift card?

Ask your friend who gave you the itunes gift card to give you their receipt for the purchase of the card. Then call the Apple Store and they will give you a replacement

How can you use a gift card to the itouch?

In the iTunes or App Store apps there is a Redeem button at the bottom of the page which is used to add an iTunes gift card.

Can iTunes gift card buy stuff from the app store?

Yes, you can use an iTunes gift card to purchase Apps, music, movies, etc.

Do you have to pay all the time after you have used your iTunes gift card?

An iTunes gift card puts some credit on your account once that has been used you will need another gift card or bank/credit card to purchase items from the iTunes store.

How does a child spend an iTunes gift card?

Go to iTunes Store when on iTunes and click the "Redeem" button

How do you make iTunes account with iTunes card?

Well, first I am assuming that you have and itunes Gift card. If I am correct then that has nothing to do with an itunes account. With the itunes gift card that allows you to get songs, videos, TV shows, movies or apps that is equal or lesser than you gift card amount. But before you can use it you have to make an itunes account on itunes store.

How do you buy a song on itunes with an itunes gift card?

In iTunes, go into iTunes store and create an account. During the creation process you can enter your gift card number and your account will be credited with the money. If you already have an account then just click on redeem in the store.

How do you buy an iTunes gift card?

There are a great number of places where you could buy an iTunes gift card. You could buy one at your local store for example.

How do you register your iTunes gift card?

I assume the question is "How to claim your iTunes Gift Card"Open iTunesGo to Store --> iTunes Store (in the left column)You need to be logged into your iTunes AccountFind on the right Quick LinksGo to Buy iTunes GiftsYou'll find iTunes Gift Cards in the bottom of the pageClick Buy Now and you'll be able to purchase a card.If you need to claim a card the only way you can do it is by clicking on a special link with an email from the iTunes App Store contains, the one you should receive on your email if you or somebody else buy you a Gift Card.

How do you use an iTunes card to buy applications?

If you have an iTunes gift card, you can... 1. In your iPod/iPhone's app store, scroll down to the bottom of the "Featured" tab. There will be a menu selection named "Redeem". Enter the number of the iTunes gift card. If it's not there, then you should update your iPhone/iPod's software. 2. In the iTunes Store, click redeem in the sidebar. Enter the number of the iTunes gift card.

What is a iTunes code?

Do you mean an iTunes gift card code? If you do, a gift card code is when you have an itunes account, but its not hooked up to your credit card or debit card (money wont be taken out of it for buying a song) Therefore, you need to buy an itunes gift card from the store and reedeem it on itunes. (the code is on the back of the gift card) However much you spent on the gift card, thats how much money goes into your itunes account, so you have to keep buying them if you use all your money

How do you get iTunes gift card codes?

You buy them at a store and input them into your computer.

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