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Can you by wifi?

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Wifi what mean wifi?

WIFI means Wireless Fidelity

Do you need a wifi card to use a wifi usb adapter?

WiFi usb adapter is a WiFi card.

Do iPads have wifi?

You can get an iPad with wifi. But you and also get an iPad with wifi and 3G

How can you connect to wifi on your non-wifi itouch?

All of the iPod Touches have wifi in them, so you can connect them to wifi.

Does LG Thrive have WiFi and the WiFi can use my home's WiFi right?

yes it does and yes you can use your wifi at your home

What is a WiFi hotspot used for?

A Wifi hotpot allows for users who have electronics with Wifi capabilities to connect the Wifi without cost. A hotspot would be on that is known to have Wifi available.

What is wifi booster?

Wifi boosters are ways of boosting your wifi connection/speed they are tricks to supposedly make your wifi stronger

How do you find your wifi code?

If you have wifi you will get it automaticcaly if not just try to connect to wifi

What is WiFi on PSP?

Wifi refers to wireless internet access.PSP supports wifi.Meaning you can connect wireless to the internet with your PSP if a Wifi is available.With Wifi you can surf the internet.

Do you need wifi in your home for a tablet with built in wifi?

Yes. built-in wifi just means your device CAN USE wifi. you still need to have wifi for your tablet to have internet access.

Does the lg town have WiFi?

No it does not have wifi.

Where do you get wifi?

it is rfake there is no such thing as wifi

Do PSP e1004 have wifi?

No it does not have wifi

How do you connect to WiFi internet?

you connect to wifi by going to wifi settings on your device that you are using. then you go to configuration or any option that is prone to wifi. then connect and boom bamm you got wifi

Is it possible to use a Netgear wifi router on a smartphone?

Yes it is possible to use a Netgear wifi router on a smartphone. Smartphones have a wifi receiver that it can be used for wifi repeating or wifi giving.

How do you battle wifi Pokemon platinum?

You need a wifi router or a Nintendo wifi usb

What is better 3G or wifi?

Wifi is almost always faster but it can depend on the wifi speed

What is a WiFi phone How do you use a WiFi phone what all can you do with a WiFi enabled phone?

A wifi phone is just a phone that can use wifi. You would connect it to a wifi network to get a better signal for faster web browsing than a cell tower.

Is there any apps you can download to text on without wifi?

No, there is not the wifi sends the message to who your texting. With a real phone it has a wifi on it which is why it can text without wifi

Is wifi free on smartphones like if you have wifi at home is that free?

Yes, there is no charge to use wifi, no data limit. you just have to get a source of wifi.

How can you get WiFi in a no WiFi area?

That is impossible to do that sorry!

Is there wifi at California's Great America?

No there is no wifi

Does Skype wifi come with wifi?


what does wifi cost?

what does wifi in the home cost?

How to hack WiFi?

How to hacks WiFi with Windows