Can you bypass the neutral safety switch on a 1993 jeep Cherokee?

Sure, just jump the two center wires on the switch connector ( side of connector with no clip ), this can be found at the firewall on the passengers side of the engine.

I don't recommend this because now it will start in any gear.

On the passengers side of the trans about even with the front of the door fan shaped switch held on by two bolts.

I suggest taking it apart and cleaning it before you think about replacing.

The switch is nearly $300

To remove, flatten out the retaining washer side under nut, remove large nut, remove smaller ( 14mm ) bolt on the adjustment side.

cleaning is easy, 6 screws in back, pull apart, clean out all that old grease, pay special attention to the two contacts on the sweeper arm, they should move in and out easily as they have springs underneath and are the man contacts, apply new di-electric grease and reassemble.

reassemble and align before tightening, easiest way is to put trans selector in R and move switch until reverse lights come on.