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Can you bypass the supercharger on a 1993 Buick Park Avenue?

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2017-06-21 22:09:16

Yes, on a Series One 3800 V6 use a shorter belt... AutoZone

Duralast Multi-V belt Part Number 795K6.. which is basically a 79

1/2 inch belt. I routed the belt exactly as the diagram shows, just

omitting the Supercharger. I took it to a mechanic I trust

afterward (even though he said it couldn't be done) so he could

take a look and make sure I wasn't going to blow the motor. He said

that all his references showed no danger, just that the performance

would be "a little less peppy", and since then I've driven 1,000+

miles and everything seems to be running along just fine.

Please note: there is a power steering line that the belt may

rub against so adjust by bending that metal hose very gently upward

with a crow bar until the belt is clear (maybe 1/4 inch).

On a Series Two 3800 V6 supercharged engine, the supercharger

has it's own separate accessory belt which can simply be removed

and the car will run just fine, the computer adjusts automatically

and there are no intake manifold problems.

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