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The money orders I have encountered were as good as gold to the purchaser right up until they were made out to someone else, at which point they were worth something only if redeemed by that person; and, as such, there was no earthly reason or benefit to be gained from any type of cancellation. Money orders can, however, expire. And, where a crime has occurred concerning the theft of money orders which have been registered, the attempt to pass a stolen money order is handled much in the same way as attempting to pass counterfeit currency of other types. At least, that is my understanding. jb

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Q: Can you cancel a money order?
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Can someone cancel a money order after it's been cashed?

No. A money order cannot be canceled once it is cashed.

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You cannot. Money Orders are fixed value monetary instruments. You cannot increase the value of a money order. Once issued, its value does not change. If you wish to increase the value, you have to cancel the existing money order and request for a fresh money order with the new/increased value.

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