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Can you capture a starter in Pokemon Green?


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Well you have to first get up to 10 Pokemon in your pokedex,next you will have to find entie you will find Entie in the hoen league,And then you have to back to profeser Oak and he will barrow you're Entie and the you leave it with him then go and do 3 circules in the grass and 1 startter Pokemon may show up.


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you can find them in the abandoned power station. As well it is you starter Pokemon.

The Poke Radar cannot be used to capture starter Pokemon. In general, the only way to get starter Pokemon is through picking your starter at the beginning of the game.

in lavender town at the Pokemon tower.

The starter Pokemon for (Red, Blue, Green, Fire Red, & Leaf Green) are: Bulbasaur lvl 5, Charmander lvl 5, and Squirtle lvl 5. The starter Pokemon for the other Generation I game, Yellow, is Pikachu.

Normally in the wild, no. You either obtain it by it being your starter Pokemon or hatching from an egg.

you can't. the only thing you can do is keep restarting your fire red/leaf green, choose the starter you want, capture enough Pokemon so there are six in the PC, then migrate.

you can go back to prof. birchs lab and get yourself a johto starter

no game has trapinch as a starter. but he is available for capture in r/s/e

in Pokemon fire red or leaf green is squirtle

you cant you must trade (from ruby sapphire or emerald)

migrat a Pokemon from green red or other with a starter bulbisor

Yes.........................................Maybe...........................................I dont know, but I don't think so...

i am very sorry but you cant get him/her on leaf green.

Technically it is Pikachu (his starter Pokemon from Professor Oak), but his first capture was a Caterpie in the Viridian Forest.

With some sort of cheating device:Simply choose the starter Pokemon you can and input the cheat to capture the remaining two in the wildWithout cheating devices:The only option you would have to to choose the starter Pokemon you want and trade for the remaining two with another person with FR or LG.

You cant catch them you have to trade one starter to another game restart leaf green get a different starter trade it over to the other game, restart leaf green get a different starter and get the other game and trade over the other two starter but beware because they wont listen to you until you beat cerulean gym

The starter Pokemon are the same for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White: Snivy (the grass starter), Oshawa (the water starter), and Tepig (the fire starter).

you don't you get them from emerald or firered/leaf green

No you can not. It is a starter Pokemon, that means it is unavailable for capture in the game. You can however, breed it with a Pokemon to get another Charmander, such as a ditto etc. Otherwise trade it from a friend.

The only way i know is you have to have 2 ds's then go to the Pokemon center turn off your security a weak Pokemon in soul silver then trade it for leaf green starter hopped i helped you out!!

You can have a friend trade you there starter Pokemon the cool thing is if you breed your starter you can have a bunch of starters for example if you have a venusaur you can get a bunch of bulbusaurs.

His starter pokemon is Pikachu.

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