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If you are a police officer or security guard. if you carry a baton out in the open most people won't care. if you carry a baton in your pocket you will then have a concealed weapon.

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Q: Can you carry a asp baton in North Dakota?
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Can you legally carry a asp publicly in North Dakota?


Is it illegal for civilians to carry an ASP Baton in Texas?


Is it legal for a civilian to carry an asp baton in Virginia?

Not as long as it is in plain view and is not disguised as something else.

What is an ASP baton?

a asp baton is a piece of equipment used by police officers all around the world it is a light weight solid steel stick which can be extended at the flick of a wrist type asp baton into google and you will get a picture of the asp baton hope this helps James

What does ASP in ASP Baton stand for?

Armament Systems and Procedures

Is Asp weapon legal?

If you're referring to an expandable baton, they are legal, generally speaking, but some states in the U.S. require you to take a training class in order to carry one. I'd guess that some states don't allow you to carry a baton, so the answer is, it depends on where you are. For reference, Asp is a brand name.

What is the stick called that police use?

Police Baton, Night Stick, ASP Baton, Night Jack and Hill Belly Baton

Where can one purchase an ASP Baton?

There are quite a number of various places where one can purchase an ASP Baton. Some of the best places to do this are Optics Planet, Cheaper Than Dirt, and Galls.

Can a person legally possess and carry a asp in N D?

After reading over the laws about carrying dangerous items in North Dakota, I found that an asp was not included. I would recommend calling the attorney general at 1-855-562-4946 and seeing if a special permit would be required.

What store can you purchase a Baton In North Carolina?

Like a police baton or expandable asp? There are various military surplus and law enforcement stores in NC. The military surplus store on US70 in Clayton, NC used to carry them. Lawmen's in Raleigh carries them, as well. If you need a broader search than that, you need to specify a city.

What is the full form of ASP in police department?

Assistant Superintendant of Police or Type of police baton.

What is an asp weapon?

A collapsing baton. In a lot of law enforcement agencies, they've replaced the PR-24 nightstick.

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