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Yes. You just can't carry lighters. So you can carry smokes, you just can't smoke them.

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Q: Can you carry tobacco in your suitcase on southwest airlines?
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Can you carry a skateboard on southwest airlines?


Southwest Airlines carry ons?

On southwest you are allowed to bring 2 carry-on baggage. One in the overhead bin, and the other under the seat in front of you.

Is smokeless tobacco allowed in carry on luggage?

yes. ive taken my can of dip on many airlines.

What does lug mean in slang?

Lug is slang for to carry something. Carry a suitcase, or lug a suitcase.

How many carry ons Are you allowed per person on southwest airlines?

you can carry 1 backpack and 1 or 2 lougage bags im noy sure...

How big is a suitcase?

The average size of a suitcase is 28 inches by 32 inches. Airlines restrict the size of a suitcase that can be carried on the airplane and the size that can be in the cargo hold. Usually, a bag that is 16 inches by 20 inches is the largest carry-on bag. The cargo hold cannot hold a suitcase that is larger than 63 inches long.

What to Pack in a Carry on Suitcase?

Always pack your essentials in your carry on suitcase. Think about what you'd hate to do without on your vacation and put that in your carry on suitcase. If you're taking a purse, instead of using it for your second piece of carry on, pack a small purse in the carry on and use a small piece of luggage such as a makeup case or duffel bag for your second carry on.

Can evergreen airlines carry people?

evergreen airlines can only carry 15% of passenger

Can you carry cigarettes in your suitcase?

Yes but no lighter

What did they carry in their suitcase in the middle ages?

Your balls

How many bags are you allowed before a charge on Southwest Airlines?

2 checked bags per passenger, with 1 small bag not to exceed 30 pounds carry on, in addition to a carry on purse or laptop.

What is luggage size for air travel?

Most airlines have requirements on carry ons. It is usually a bag and a small suitcase. Anything extra is carried in the belly of the plane and usually has to be under 90 lbs.

Can you carry curling irons on an airplane?

Yes. I am not sure if your allowed to carry them in your carry-on, but I know you can bring them in your suitcase.

Are irons allowed on airplanes?

as long as you have it in a suitcase and not a carry on

Did Charlie Sheen carry drugs in a suitcase?


Does Delta Airlines charge for one carry on bag?

No currently Delta Airlines does not charge for carry-on luggage.

What luggage options does West Jet Airlines offer customers?

West Jet Airlines offer their customer a free carry-on bag, which can include a backpack, kennel, or suitcase. They also allow one piece of checked baggage for free with additional costs for additional bags or suitcases.

How much alcohol can you have in your suitcase on a plane?

Airlines do not restrict the amount of liquids you carry in your suitcase - you could pack it with as much alcohol as you'd like.But - if you're visiting a foreign country, that country will have limitations on how much alcohol you can take into the country. Each country has different limits which are detailed in their customs regulations.

Can you take a hair straightener in your carry on baggage on Southwest Airlines?

Yes you can if they are electric. If it is a lotion or similar it must comply with the 3 ounce ule in a sealed ziplock bag.

Can you carry shampoo in your suitcase when flying?

Yes. There is only a limit to liquids that you take on your carry on bag.

How many oz can you carry in your suitcase in an airplane?

2 at a time

Does US Airlines limit the size of the suitcase carried onto the plane?

The majority of airlines have restrictions on the size of both carry on and checked bags. Passengers who plan to fly on US Airways should make sure their carry on bag is no bigger then 45 inches. If you have concerns there should be a measuring device in the check in line so that you can make sure your bag is the proper size.

What did bud cadwell carry in his suitcase?

3 fliers rocks and a blanket

What did hobos carry in there suitcase?

Hobos do not have suitcases, therefore they are poor and homeless.

Can you carry a skateboard on a plane as a carry on on continental airlines?

of course u can!