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Can you catch Arceus without a masterball?

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Which pokeball will catch Arceus?

No pokebal are guarantied to catch arceus or any other pokemons except the masterball. If you are going to catch an arceus you should buy a lot of regular pokeballs, great balls, ultra balls, and switch between using them.

Do you have to catch Arceus with a masterball?

no you dont but youd need a heck of alot of ultra balls or whatever you're using to catch it.

How do you catch arceus in pokmeon platinum?

throw a masterball at it. you have to get the event for him. that's over. now you have to cheat

How do you catch registeel without a masterball?

with a ultraball

How do you catch Mewtwo without masterball?

you cant unless you can hack the game to get unlimited masterball

How do you catch Zapdos without a masterball?

Just catch it with a ultra ball.

How do you get Arceus o pokemo diamod without cheats?

You can't catch Arceus without cheats.. You can get it when an event is going on about Arceus..

Is it possible to catch kiogre without masterball?

Yeah it is possible to catch kyogre with out wasting your masterball you wont have to use it until you see latias and latias requires you to use your masterball.

Can you catch an Arceus without going somewhere or cheating?

NO only with a arceus flute.

Can you catch arceus without a master ball?


How can you catch Articuno without masterball?

weaken it and put it to sleep

Can you catch Reshiram without a masterball?

you can, the catch is fairly easy even without a masterball although I woul use ultra balls if you arent going to use a masterball. I you knock out reshiram without sAVing before hand you can try again after the credits at dragonspiral tower

Is there a way to catch Jirachi without using a Masterball in Pokemon?

yes you can catch it with anything

How do you catch lugia without a masterball in heartgold only?

Get fastballs, ultraballs, and duskballs to try and catch it

How do you catch a registeel without a masterball?

try using dusk balls

What is the hardest Pokemon to catch without a masterball?

A fleeing legendary pokemon

How can you catch an Arceus without action replay or events?


How do you catch Arceus on Pokemon diamond without action replay?

you have to get the arceus event on mystery gift.

Is Arceus in Pokemon White?

no you cannot catch arceus in pokemon black without action replay

Can you catch arceus without the mystery gift or members card?

Not without cheating

Can you catch arceus without actionreplay or nintendo event?


How do you catch Arceus without cheats or an Action Replay?

You dont you must use cheat to get the item to get the Arceus

If you catch a Pokemon with a masterball can you switch the masterball into a pokeball?


What Pokémon you cant catch in Pokémon?

I think you cannot catch starters, or Arceus without hacking.

How do you catch Arceus in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You can't catch Arceus. You can only catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum.