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You cannot catch it without cheat codes because the Marowak is a scripted special Pokemon "ghost." If you really want a Marowak, you can get one by evolving a cubone or catching one on Victory Road.

2011-09-12 14:31:32
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Q: Can you catch the ghost of Marowak in the tower on Pokemon FireRed and if so how?
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How do you beat the pokemon tower in Pokemon FireRed?

Go up floors until you find the ghost marowak. Encounter it, defeat it, dont try to catch it(it is a GHOST you cant catch it), just keep going up and resist the creepy music. the story will play itself out from there.

Can you catch a ghost on FireRed?

You cannot catch the ghost in the Pokemon Tower until you reveal what it really is.

How do you beat the ghost in Pokemon Yellow?

You use the silph scope, then the ghost (SPOILER ALERT) turns into the Marowak that died! A wild Marowak appeared! Catch or make it faint.

Where can you find ghost type Pokemon to catch in Pokemon FireRed?

in Pokemon tower

How do you beat the lvl 30 ghost in Pokemon firered?

First you need the silph scope after that you can identify the ghost its marowak! Use a water type Pokemon to easily defeat it.

How do you get the ghosts out your way in Pokemon FireRed?

Use repels. The last ghost by the stairs is a Marowak(Note.You can only see the ghosts real identity with a silph scope) You can't catch the Marowak so don't weaken it just kill it straight away.

What Pokemon can be caught in Pokemon tower?

only ghost types and you cant catch the cubone and the marowak because its part of the story

How do you move the level 30 ghost in Pokemon tower in Pokemon FireRed?

You need the Silph Scope from the Rocket base in Celadon City, that will automatically reveal the Lv 30 ghost as a Marowak.

Hoe to catch the ghost oh marowak in the tower in Pokemon fire red?

The ghost of marowak cannot be caugt. Don't try with a masterball either.It will reflect ANY ball you throw at it.this is due to the fact that it would probably mess up your pokedex saying that marowak is ghost and he can't learn any ghost moves.

How do you defeat marowack ghost in Pokemon FireRed?

Once you identify the ghost with the Silph Scope which happens automatically you will notice its a Marowak this pokemon is a Ground type so using Grass moves or Water moves on it will take it down easily but be careful Marowak has high attack power and also you cannot capture it.

Why can you see the Pokemon in the Pokemon tower firered?

I'm going to assume that you're asking why you can't see the Pokemon in the Pokemon tower. First of all, you must obtain the Silph Scope to reveal that the Pokemon in the tower are Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone. The Pokemon at the top who keeps turning you away is the ghost of Cubone's mother, Marowak. You can't catch her, so don't waste Pokeballs on her (after all, she is a ghost).

How can you catch ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

Once you've gotten the Silph Scope, the ghosts will show their true forms as Pokémon, and you can catch them like any other. The only exception is the Marowak ghost near the top of the tower, which must be KO'd.

Is there such thing of a ghost in Pokemon firered version?

Yes you can't catch it and after you get the silph scope it turns into marrowack which you can't catch either.

What type is Marowak in Alola Form in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Alolan Marowak is a Fireand Ghost-type Pokémon.

How do you beat the marowak ghost?

In celadon go into team rockets base and get to b4f and battle Giovanni. He will drop the silph scope which you can use in Pokemon tower to be able to see the marowak, and then just attack it with your Pokemon, you cannot catch it, the pok ball goes through it

Mr fugi FireRed?

Mr fugi is an old man that prays for dead Pokemon spirits at the top of the Pokemon tower which can be found in lavendar town. If you help him ease the soul of a marowak ghost he will hand you the pokeflute.

How do you catch a ghost type Pokemon in firered?

you have to go to lavender town, with a silph scope. when you get there go into the Pokemon tower and go to second floor. you can only catch gastly and haunter

How do you get passed the last ghost in Pokemon fire red?

You need thesilph scope to see what it is. then, u find out its a marowak and you kill it (because u cant catch it. It was a ghost.) you get the silph scope in silph co.

How do you fight ghost in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant. You need to get a silph scope at Silch Co. in Saffron City. Most of them are gastly's but some are cubone's. The lvl 30 ghost that wont let you pass is actually a marowak. it is an actual ghost so dont try catching it.

What are the types of Marowak in Pokemon Red and is it part ghost?

It is not a Ghost-type, it is a Ground-type Pokemon.AnswerThe Marowak in the Pokemon tower is an aparition of the spirit of Cubone's mother. Since you need the Silph Scope to see it, it can be said that it is a ghost. However, it is not a Ghost-type Pokemon. It still has its traditional moves and essentially it is entirely Ground-type. If Normal-type moves cannot affect it, it is more due to the fact it is supposed to be a spirit. Since you can't capture this Marowak anyway, it is difficult to find out. Yet in all respects, it is wholly a Ground-type Pokemon, and not part Ghost.

How do you get the top of the Pokemon tower in Pokemon FireRed?

First you need the silph scope which is obtained in the rocket game corner, when your in the tower you only need to keep going up until a marowak ghost stops you defeat marowak then go up now your on the top floor defeat team rocket then talk to mr fuji.

What do you do to get past the ghost in Pokemon tower in fire red?

you need to find the silph scope this will reveal the ghost to be a marowak you can then defeat it

How do you defeat Cubones mother in Pokemon fire red version?

First, you must get the Silph Scope by defeating Team Rocket I think. Then, you go to Lavender Town and into the Pokemon Tower where there will be a ghost, the Silph Scope will make it appear to be Marowak, you then beat it like a normal Pokemon and you move to the top of the tower. (NOTE: You CANNOT catch marowak even with a masterball, you can't catch her, if you try to, you will lose a ball.

How do you catch the azure flute Pokemon firered?

yes you can. You get it from these to people in the Pokemon tower. But first get the silph scope from the team rocket boss, just to identfy the "Ghost Of Marowak" and kill it, because you can't catch it. It doesn't allow you to. Then you use it on the snorlaxs that are in your way. Then you will battle the snorlaxs. One is by the enterance to the bike road. The other one is by the dock. I don't know all the answers but this one of them that i know. bye.

How do you beat the ghost in Pokemon LeafGreen?

First you must identify the ghost using the silph scope it will be a marowak! Marowak is a ground type so using water types or grass types will be good for the battle.