Can you catch up on sleep?

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no Whatever sleep was lost one night, cannot be made up the next or over any period of time. The body needs a certain amount of rest every single night in order to rejuvenate itself and be ready for the next day. Sort of like recharging your cell phone battery at night so it's ready for all your calling activity the next day.

Some people have a sleeping disorder ... called Sleep Apnea ... this occurs during sleep when the soft palate relaxes and cuts off the air supply to the lungs (apnea) and brings the person from REM sleep up to the first level of sleep, thus disturbing the deep sleep rest time. I have Sleep Apnea, and I use a C-PAP every night as a sleeping aid. C-PAP stands for Continuous Positive Air Pressure ... One wears a device that either covers both the nostrils and the mouth (mask) or just the nostrils (nose pillows) and a prescribed amount of air is delivered that will keep that airway completely open all night long.

I can't sleep without using this machine ... it is absolutely wonderful, and my wife says all my snoring has ceased completely. I awaken feeling completely refreshed. My C-PAP unit also has a water reservoir and a heater so that warm moist air can be used when the inside air of the hours isn't humid enough.

A C-PAP machine cannot be bought without a Doctor's Prescription ... most insurance plans will cover the expenses and subsequent supplies. See your doctor for more information. If you are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and are prescribed a c-pap or bi-pap machine, do not be put off by it. It may appear to be a terrible inconvenience and seem to be very uncomfortable at first, but in a short amount of time you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Q: Can you catch up on sleep?
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