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Can you change a manual transmission to automatic in a 1997 Aspire?


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I can't get logged into this site, and I don't know about "cookies", I would like to join as a member to the site but I can't deal w/ the complicated log in business. Anyway, that is why this will apparently be 'anonymous'. To your question, though -- I am a new aspire owner and have run by some real 'doozies' of questions to my mechanic, I get his reaction to my concepts or questions. All I can say is to do a feasibility study by asking your trusted mechanic if it is practical to install an automatic transmission into your Aspire. I totally sympathize with your desire to 'go automatic' (though I can't get used to only 3 gears - the engine acts like it wants to shift one more time to be happy on the freeway). Your 5 spd manual will be missed by you on the freeway, but your in-town will be cake. The reason I tried to respond to your question is because just 2 weeks ago I asked my mechanic about the feasibility of mating some kind of 4 speed automatic tranny to an Aspire thereby making, in my mind, the perfect car. When he got done laughing he said the undertaking would be prohibitive cost-wise, though he didn't say impossible. This may not be much help, except the advice about recommending consulting the mechanic. Best of Luck, Ken M. ('97 Aspire as of 3 mo)


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Motorcraft Mercon Automatic transmission fluid according to the manual ( For the automatic and the manual transaxle / transmission )

I don't know if the 1995 is the same , but the ( 1996 ) Ford Aspire uses Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid in the manual trans-axle ( manual transmission )

If your transmission is manual, you will have to change gear. If it is automatic, you won't.

The ( 1996 ) Ford Aspire Owner Guide shows that Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used in the automatic and manual transaxles ( transmissions )

A parts car like yours with an automatic transmission.

You can change a manual transmission to an automatic. It can cost upwards of 3,000 dollars to do this for a Volkswagen Polo.

The ECU for an automatic can be used in a manual transmission. However, it will not work vice-versa with the ECU from a manual transmission in an automatic.

Converting a manual transmission to automatic transmission is not possible but you can replace a manual transmission to an automativ transmission . That is also an expensive deal.

It will cost between $1500 and $3000 to change your automatic transmission to a manual transmission. The price is dependent upon the type of manual transmission.

Yes, if you have lots of money. Bad idea! Sell the A/T car and buy a manual.

It can cost between $500 and $2000 to change a manual transmission to an automatic transmission. The labor costs will depend on the specific shop charges.

though it has a manual push button option... It is a Automatic transmission. You can change between push button manual and Auto.

Why would want to do that ? Manual transmission own.

This is a major mechanical project. Remove the clutch and manual transmission and the radiator. Install automatic transmission, new driveshaft, new radiator. You have just spent as much as a car is worth.

The AUTOMATIC transmission ( transaxle ) dipstick is on the transaxle just to the left of the battery when looking from the front of the vehicle , the manual transaxle does not have a dipstick

If you buy a standard then it will be a manual transmission. If you buy an automatic, then it will be automatic.

Yes u MUST change the computer if you are changing the transmission from auto to manual (visa versa). The computers are different for the especially where the trannirs are concerned.

To change an automatic galant to a 5-speed, you need a Computer for the Manual transmission of that year, and an engine.

MANUAL TRANSMISSION because its more powerful and quicker then a automatic. Your muscle car will not have muscle without a manual transmission

The manual transaxle takes Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid according to the owners manual ( which can be viewed on-line at www . motorcraft service . com - no spaces - click on Owner Guides )

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