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yes you can ,but you will need to buy and have installed, a new flywheel, bell housing, transmission, clutch, and drive shaft. then you will also have to have installed a clutch pedal inside the car. and to top it off, it the car has a computer, you will need to buy a computer to match a standard shift instead of an automatic shift. cheaper just to change cars

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What do I need to change a manual to automatic transmission?

A parts car like yours with an automatic transmission.

Is an Automatic or manual transmission better in a muscle car?

MANUAL TRANSMISSION because its more powerful and quicker then a automatic. Your muscle car will not have muscle without a manual transmission

Can you change an automatic transmission into a manual transmission?

Yes, if you have lots of money. Bad idea! Sell the A/T car and buy a manual.

How do you change manual transmission into automatic?

This is a major mechanical project. Remove the clutch and manual transmission and the radiator. Install automatic transmission, new driveshaft, new radiator. You have just spent as much as a car is worth.

How do you change a 1992 ford mustang gt from an automatic transmission to manual?

You are going to have to get a new car

How much would it cost to change an automatic transmission to a manual in a 2006 Mazda6?

Sell your auto and buy a manual car.

Can you change a 6 speed manual transmission to an automatic transmission?

Most likley, what is the make of car and year engine size?

Can you change a automatic transmission to manual and about how much does it usually cost?

yes u can.. and it depends on what car u have...

How do you change a 2 speed automatic car to a manual?

Buy a manual transmission that will bolt to your engine configuration, clutch assembly, drive shaft, et cetera. Install said parts and presto, you'll have a manual transmission car.

What is the difference between a manual and an automatic car?

manuel has a stick transmission auto is automatic transmission A manual transmission is you shift gears manually by pressing the clutch as you increase speed, and overtime you will change clutch disk and has a better mileage than automatic transmission. Automatic transmission you don't need any shifting, the car does it for you.But the price of the car is a little bit higher like a thousand more or less.And you have to check your transmission fluid most of the time.

What is the difference between manual and automatic control?

Manual control means that it is controlled by humans, and automatic is it will work on its own. An example is a car's transmission. With manual transmission, you have to tell the car what gear to use. With automatic transmission, the car figures out what gear to use on its own by monitering factors such as RPM.

How do you know what type of transmission you have?

If you shift manually, you have a manual transmission. If your car shifts for you, you have an automatic.

Can you convert a automatic transmission to a manual transmission?

Yes, with much difficulty and a donor car with all the parts necessary. Sell this car and buy a manual.

Is a Ferrari a automatic car?

Most have manual transmissions. An automatic transmission may be offered as an option.

Can you swap out an engine that came out of an automatic car and swap it in a car with a manual transmission?

of course you can!

Is the transmission for a 2008 Bugatti Veyran car manual or automatic?

yes it is

What is the difference between manual and automatic auto transmissions?

A manual transmission on a car is one that you control yourself via a stick shift. An automatic transmission is one that the car controls, based on your speed and incline.

Can you use an automatic transmission car Engine in a manual transmission car and what modifications should I make to the manual car?

yes you can all you need to do is switch the automatic flywheel and putt on a standard flywheel and make sure the clutch from the transmission will bolt up to the flywheel.

Suppose your transmission breaks is it cheaper to change to a manual transmission or buy an automatic transmission let's say that the car is a 99 Toyota corolla CE?

It would be cheaper to repair or replace the automatic transmission. There are too many differences between a standard transmission and an automatic to economically swap in a standard.

What are the main differences when driving a manual transmission car compared to driving a car with an automatic transmission?

A car with an automatic transmission automatically put the car into gear without any other inputs needed from the driver. A manual transmission car uses a stick shift to shift gears of the car, which involves more direction from the driver to operate the car properly.

How is manual transmission different from automatic transmission?

In manual transmission you have to manually switch gears in your car's gearbox. This is done by usings clutch pedal and gearstick. Car with manual transmission is much more responsive to you're driving and is considered far superior to automatic transmission.

Are Honda civics more fuel efficient as manual or automatic?

A manual transmission civic is more fuel efficient than an automatic transmission. That goes for just about any car.

Can you change a manual transmission car into an automatic transmission?

You cant change the actual manual transmission into an Auto howeverr you can take out the manual and put in an automatic transmission instead. You can but it will take time and can carry a high price. The 'simplest' way is to get the equivalent engine/gearbox as a complete unit and do the transplant. If you can get a donor vehicle so much the better. There are always those little bits you need that are difficult to source.

How much will it cost to change from automatic to manual transmission in your 1994 ford Thunderbird?

More than the actual value of your car. definitely.

Can you put an engine from a manual car into and automatic?

Yes, but if it's going into a car with an electronically controlled transmission, the ECM will need to be reflashed with parameters to operate the automatic transmission.